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How can Eagles clinch a playoff berth in Week 13?

The Eagles are on the verge of a playoff berth. We break down how they can clinch a spot in the 2023 NFL Playoffs in Week 13.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA; Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts (1) and center Jason Kelce (62) walk off the field with game balls after a victory against the Green Bay Packers at Lincoln Financial Field.  Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

4 p.m. results: The 49ers and Seahawks are both on track to win their games, which means the Eagles cannot clinch a playoff berth this week.

1 p.m. results: The Eagles beat the Titans 35-10 to handle their side of the clinching scenario. The Commanders and Giants finished in a tie, which means the Eagles need losses by the 49ers and Seahawks to clinch a playoff berth this week.

Welcome to Week 13 of the NFL season! We have five more weeks following this one, but we are now in playoff clinching territory for a couple teams. Those teams being the Vikings and Eagles. Here we’ll be taking a look at how the Eagles can clinch a playoff spot today!

Philadelphia got off to a hot start this season and just kept smoking, as Jalen Hurts has been phenomenal this year. He’s right in the thick of the MVP race, while his team is one of the favorites to win it all.

Philadelphia clinches playoff berth with:

1) PHI win + WAS loss + SF loss or tie + SEA loss or tie (as long as both SF and SEA each don’t tie) OR

2) PHI win + WAS tie + SF loss + SEA loss

There are a lot of moving parts this week to get the Eagles in and we know all they need to do is keep winning and they’re sitting pretty, but it’s always fun to be the first team to clinch.

We can’t expect ties, so the second scenario isn’t all that useful, but the first one is a possibility, as the Eagles are 4.5 point favorites to beat the Titans, the Giants are just 2.5 point underdogs against the Commanders, and the 49ers face a great Dolphins offense that has a real chance despite being underdogs. The biggest upset of the group would be the Rams finding a way to beat the Seahawks without their top players.