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Take a look at Ja Morant’s first signature shoe for Nike

Grizzlies star releases first images of signature shoe.

Ja Morant of the Memphis Grizzlies handles the ball against Josh Okogie of the Phoenix Suns during the second half of the NBA game at Footprint Center on December 23, 2022 in Phoenix, Arizona. The Grizzlies defeated the Suns 125-100.  Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Memphis Grizzlies PG Ja Morant is the latest athlete to get a massive shoe deal. Morant signed a deal with Nike and is set to start rolling out a signature shoe. He is expected to debut the shoe on Christmas Day when the Memphis Grizzlies take on the Golden State Warriors.

Morant’s shoes look similar to Kobe Bryant’s shoe for Nike. The design is pretty basic but the colorway is super clean and sharp. These should be highly sought after and will become an instant collectible for all fans/collectors/shoeheads.

Morant broke out last season, making an All-Star team and being in the MVP conversation. He should win an MVP award before his career is done. This season, Morant has the Grizzlies competing for the top seed in the Western Conference.