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Scrambling for Christmas film recommendations? The DK Nation staff gives their favorites.

From ‘Elf,’ ‘Just Friends,’ and even ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas,’ some of the DK staff give their favorite holiday movies

Bill Murray as TV executive Frank Cross in SCROOGED (1988)

We’re hitting the season when everybody hopefully has time to relax, recalibrate, and spend some time with their loved ones. If you need to pass the time before baking cookies and opening presents, the DK Nation staff has provided a Christmas miracle of movie recommendations for the holiday. Check it out.

Collin Sherwood - Deputy College Sports Editor


Scrooged is pre-semi-canceled Bill Murray at his apex as Frank Cross, the self-obsessed jerk you’d expect as the head of any 80’s TV network. He’s a lousy boss, brother, and an all-around bad guy. But his warts and all are played so perfectly by Murray, who, after three ghosts visit him on Christmas Eve, force the change of heart Cross interrupts live broadcasting to share with the world. It’s both hilarious and heartwarming, even if it’s not the traditional holiday movie template. We need more like this that can mix in the right message, even with a bit of cynicism and profanity, and less from Hallmark.

Teddy Ricketson - DK Nation Staff Writer

How the Grinch Stole Christmas, The Santa Clause, Elf

With my Die Hard opinion out of the way, let’s get down to some real Christmas movies. How the Grinch Stole Christmas with Jim Carrey is my favorite Christmas movie. Carrey is incredible in the role, it plays well off the narration from the original, and there are jokes for all ages. If TBS decided to ditch the 24-hour marathon for The Christmas Story, I would welcome the live-action Grinch taking its place.

Coming in second is The Santa Clause. First, as a lover of puns, the title is amazing. Second, the story is great, and Tim Allen’s humor holds up relatively well after all these years. The only knock is that after a re-watch this holiday season, Charlie may be the most annoying child in a Christmas movie ever, but I digress. Wrapping (pun intended) up my big three Christmas movies is going to be Elf. Home Alone is a close fourth, but I am going with the quotability of Elf. The concept is incredible, Will Ferrell delivers throughout and instills the importance of singing loud for all to hear.

Benjamin Zweiman - Senior Managing Editor

Just Friends

One of the premier Rom Coms starring Ryan Reynolds, Amy Smart, and Anna Faris, Just Friends, is super relatable and takes place in New Jersey. We all know what it’s like to go home for the holidays, and this encapsulates all the experiences of that into one movie, dealing with parents, siblings, significant others, and old crushes.

Chinmay Vaidya - Deputy Sports Editor

Elf, Home Alone

These are all-time classics, and both fit the bill of what makes a classic Christmas movie. They’re both family movies with a little bit of everything you want for the holiday season; laughs, drama, and coming together. Home Alone is the ultimate Christmas comedy, and you can do a Home Alone marathon without getting bored. For me, Elf is the best of the best. You get all your holiday fun and some of that cinematic spirit that’s not present in real life. Imagine seeing someone walking around town dressed like an elf who told you Santa was real. You’d think the person was utterly nuts. But then you watch Elf and think, “what if all this actually does exist”? That’s what movies are supposed to do, and that’s what separates Elf as the best Christmas movie ever.

David Fucillo - Head of Sports Betting Content

A Christmas Story

There are better Christmas movies, but much like candy corn is my favorite Halloween candy, A Christmas Story is as Christmas as it comes. It’s something I only consume during the 24-hour marathon that Turner broadcasts. I would never think of watching this movie any other time of the year. It hits all of Christmas's high (and low) notes for kids and parents. I’ll enjoy plenty of movies around Christmas, but this is the one movie that never leaves the rotation.

Murjani Rawls - Pop Culture Editor

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Yea, I know what you’re going to tell me. How is a film with the song “This Is Halloween” considered someone’s favorite Christmas film? Well, that’s simple. I always loved early Burton films like Beetlejuice and Edward Scissorhands. They are delightfully weird, macabre, and somewhat wholesome. The same can be said for The Nightmare Before Christmas. First, Halloween is my favorite holiday, and the characters don’t necessarily understand the concept of Christmas. However, they still find the spirit in their own way – that’s the best part. Don’t kidnap Santa Claus on your way to that feeling, though.

Chet Gresham - Deputy NFL Editor

A Muppet Christmas Carol

I don’t have a No. 1 Christmas movie because I enjoy watching so many, but this season my daughter was more interested in A Christmas Carol than before, and that has us watching a few different versions. And my favorite is A Muppet Christmas Carol with Michael Caine as Scrooge. Caine is so good, but all the Muppets are also great. In other Muppet movies, I don’t feel much connection to the snarky, pop-culture-infused storylines and dialogue. With Jim Henson’s team staying close to the source material, the story is delightful and poignant as ever. You still get plenty of funny one-liners – especially from Gonzo (Charles Dickens) and Rizzo the Rat.