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DraftKings Reignmakers UFC Genesis Drop Info

Find everything you need to know about the first premium Reignmakers UFC drop of 2023!

The GENESIS set is the first Reignmakers UFC premium drop for the 2023 season. GENESIS packs will be available on DraftKings Marketplace starting on January 6, so get excited! Premium sets will be the best way to collect all your favorite fighters and secure multi-fight usage out of your Fighter Game Cards.

Based on feedback from Reignmakers Football, in which the first drop was also the GENESIS drop, GENESIS packs for Reignmakers UFC will be loaded with ranked fighters! In fact, both the standard and premium packs will guarantee multiple ranked fighters within them, and the premium pack guarantees four ranked fighters within each pack!

For Reignmakers UFC, Franchise Score is especially important, as over $4.5 Million out of a total of over $12 Million in prizes will be dedicated to Collection-Based Prizing from Franchise Score Leaderboards, Collection Challenges, and revamped Achievements. You heard right: $4.5+ Million paid out through these avenues alone!

GENESIS Fighter Game Cards will reign supreme in terms of Collector Score for Reignmakers UFC, as well! GENESIS cards entitle holders to a 5x Franchise Score multiplier. No other set will receive a Franchise Score multiplier higher than 3x. GENESIS will have by far the highest value for Franchise Score points, so if you’re aiming to climb the leaderboard, this is the place to start.

GENESIS Fighter Game Cards will also be usable ALL SEASON in no-fee fantasy contests, while Event Pack cards will be usable only for the UFC event they are dropped in connection with (Note: Event Packs WILL apply to all collection gameplay throughout the year, with a Franchise Score multiplier of 1x).

Rarity Tiers and Card Scarcity

In the Reignmakers UFC game, the Fighter Game Card NFTs each have a rarity tier. In order of least scarce to most scarce, those tiers are CORE, RARE, ELITE, LEGENDARY and REIGNMAKER.

Card rarity is the most commonly used property to gate contests. Every contest will have rarity rules tied to entry. Holding scarcer Fighter Game Cards will enable you to create valid lineups for contests with minimum scarcity requirements:

Contest Requirements

Contest Tier Rarity Requirement
Contest Tier Rarity Requirement
CORE Any 5 cards
RARE 2 RARE tier cards or higher rarity (ELITE, LEGENDARY or REIGNMAKER) + 3 CORE cards
ELITE 2 ELITE tier cards or higher rarity (LEGENDARY or REIGNMAKER) + 3 RARE+ cards
LEGENDARY 1 LEGENDARY tier cards or higher (REIGNMAKER) + 4 ELITE+ cards

ELITE, LEGENDARY, and REIGNMAKER tier Fighter Game Cards have “guaranteed scarcity,” which means only a pre-defined, limited amount of Fighter Game Cards for each player will be created throughout the entire 2023 season.

The number of CORE and RARE Fighter Game Cards have no guaranteed scarcity in the 2023 season. RARE will never exceed 25% of the supply of CORE. The RARE and CORE Card supply will also be capped in specific sets, such as GENESIS, where:

  • RARE Cards per player = 4x the amount of ELITE
  • CORE Cards per player = 4x the amount of RARE

Players may change Edition Tier as a part of our mid-season updates to improve the quality of the game. For example, if a Challenger tier fighter enters the rankings, we would update their Edition Tier attribute to reflect this change.

Which Fighter Cards Will Be Included in the Genesis Drop?

The GENESIS set will contain cards from all five rarity tiers (CORE - REIGNMAKER). Supply will include nearly 65% of the ELITE through REIGNMAKER cards minted in the first month of the Reignmakers UFC season. In other words, early supply is extremely limited.

All Players receive an Edition Tier and that, along with the rarity tier, determines the maximum number of Cards for each player. There are two levels:

  • Champions, Headliners, and Ranked fighters who are most relevant have more supply, and
  • Challengers and Dana White Contender Series Season 6 winners who have less supply. Note: Challengers are defined below as fighters who won at least one fight in 2022 through the final Pay-Per-View (UFC 282) of the 2022 calendar year

Edition Tier will be used to determine edition counts of individual fighters, as well as for pack construction and more.

The criteria for each Edition Tier are listed below. Every fighter in the GENESIS drop will fall into one of these Edition Tiers according to these criteria. The few exceptions are Conor McGregor and Jon Jones, who will be added to the Challengers tier, due to their unique statuses and popularity, in addition to Abdul Razak Alhassa, who will be available for UFC Fight Night 217: Imamov vs. Gastelum:

  • Champion - Current belt holders
  • Headliner - Ranked 1-2 at their respective weight class
  • Ranked - Ranked 3-15 at their respective weight class
  • Challengers - Won at least one (1) fight in 2022
  • Contender Series - Earned a UFC contract in Season 6 of Dana White’s Contender Series

Note: All snapshots are through the final Pay-Per-View (UFC 282) of the 2022 calendar year

In total, the GENESIS set will include 426 different fighters: 10 Champions, 22 Headliners, 141 Ranked fighters, 211 Challengers and 42 Contender Series winners.

The GENESIS set has 75% of fighters in Ranked+ included where future premium sets will be closer to 50% Ranked/50% Unranked.

How Will the Available Packs be Sold?

On January 6, 2023, GENESIS packs will be sold in the following packs:


Pack Type Price Cards in Pack Quantity What’s Included?
Pack Type Price Cards in Pack Quantity What’s Included?
2023 GENESIS Premium Pack $349.99 5 5,544 All Cards are limited to RARE or better Four (4) cards guaranteed to be Ranked, Headliner, or Champion tier fighters Only way to get GENESIS Legendary or REIGNMAKER tier cards via packs
2023 GENESIS Standard Pack $34.99 5 33,961 Three (3) cards guaranteed to be Ranked, Headliner, or Champion tier fighters Core-Elite tier fighters only
2023 GENESIS Core Promo Pack $4.99 1 23,625 One (1) CORE card of any fighter in the checklist per pack

Pack Overviews

2023 GENESIS Premium Pack

  • Card 1 = RARE+ Ranked+
  • Card 2 = RARE+ Ranked+
  • Card 3 = RARE+ Ranked+
  • Card 4 = RARE+ Ranked+
  • Card 5 = RARE+ Any Fighter

2023 GENESIS Standard Pack

  • Card 1 = Ranked+
  • Card 2 = Ranked+
  • Card 3 = Ranked+
  • Card 4 = Any Fighter
  • Card 5 = Any Fighter

2023 GENESIS Core Promo Pack

  • Card 1 = CORE Any Fighter

An additional REIGNMAKER tier Fighter Game Card of all 426 fighters in GENESIS will be auctioned off, and auctions will occur throughout the month of January. Fighters participating in the January 14 UFC Fight Night and UFC 283 will be auctioned off first, followed by ranked fighters, and the auctions will end with Contender Series tier fighters.


Will Octagon Pass Holders Receive Early Access?

Yes, Octagon Pass holders will receive preferred access to all premium set drops. RARE-REIGNMAKER tier Octagon Pass holders will receive preferred access to both Premium packs and Standard packs. Early Access Allocation limited to One (1) Pass Per Rarity Tier Per Customer and exact allocations can be found here.

What are Premium Sets?

Premium sets are defined in Reignmakers UFC as full-checklist drops with full-season utility. Their usage is considered premium since they will be usable each time the fighter fights in 2023, whereas Event Set Fighter Game Cards will not.

Which Sets Are Usable All Season?

All sets sold up until this point and premium sets are usable until the end of the 2023 season and include: Heatwave, UFC 281, UFC 282, GENESIS and future premium sets. All future one-off Event Sets will only be playable in Reignmakers UFC contests once (during their corresponding event) but will continue to provide Franchise Score and collector gameplay benefits.

When Will the First Reignmakers UFC 2023 Contest Run?

Reignmakers UFC will offer 2023 contests beginning with the first event of the year: UFC Fight Night: Imamov vs. Gastelum on January 14, 2023. Contests will run at all five rarity tiers beginning with this event and continuing throughout the remainder of the 2023 season. GENESIS Fighter Game Cards will be playable in any event in which a given fighter fights. UFC Fight Nights will include a $125,000 prize pool per event and Pay-Per-Views will include a $250,000 prize pool per event throughout the course of the 2023 season. Reignmakers UFC contests will be run for each UFC Fight Night and Pay-Per-View event.

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