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How college basketball power rankings compare to polls for week of December 19

We take a look at the teams that might be overrated or underrated by the college basketball polls and power rankings for the seventh week of college basketball.

Connecticut v Butler Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images

A new week of college basketball brings us a new set of polls today as we cruise through the month of December. Purdue checks in as the No. 1 team in country for a second week in a row but UConn is breathing down its neck at No. 2.

Starting this week, we’ll take a look both NET and KenPom power rankings to analyze which teams the pollsters may be overlooking and which ones they may be putting too much stock into.


UConn is No. 2 in both the AP and Coaches polls but has a legitimate claim to be No. 1. At 12-0, the Huskies are the top ranked team in both NET and KenPom rankings and have mowed down everyone on their schedule. All 12 of their victories have come by double digits and wiped the floor with a good Butler team in a 68-46 beatdown on Saturday.

Even after a close road loss to No. 5 Arizona, No. 8 Tennessee still has a claim to be a top-five team this week. They are the fourth-ranked team in both strength of schedule and advanced metrics and boast the top rated defense in adjusted efficiency. Meanwhile, Saint Mary’s also has a case to be ranked in one of the major polls despite its 9-4 record. The Gaels are ranked in the Top 25 in both NET and KenPom and their four losses have all come within five points.


No. 1 Purdue continues to get respect as an 11-0 team in the Big Ten but should probably flip positions with UConn. The Boilermakers are just the seventh-ranked team in KenPom and that may be reflected by their last two victories against Nebraska and Davidson not being that impressive. It’s always hard to quantify No. 6 Virginia from an advanced stats standpoint considering its slow pace of play, but where AP voters and coaches slot them do not match up to the other metics.

Meanwhile, No. 15 Mississippi State, No. 17 Wisconsin, No. 20 TCU, and No. 22 Miami (FL) are all getting respect by pollsters for handling business. however, you’d be hard pressed to find a victory that jumps off the pages on their respective schedules.

Here’s a look at the Top 25 in the AP Poll, Coaches, NET and KenPom as of December 19:

Top 25 Rankings December 19

AP Poll Team Coaches Poll Team NET Team KenPom Team
AP Poll Team Coaches Poll Team NET Team KenPom Team
1 Purdue 1 Purdue 1 UConn 1 UConn
2 UConn 2 UConn 2 Houston 2 Houston
3 Houston 3 Houston 3 Purdue 3 UCLA
4 Kansas 4 Kansas 4 Tennessee 4 Tennessee
5 Arizona 5 Arizona 5 UCLA 5 Kansas
6 Virginia 6 Virginia 6 Kansas 6 Texas
7 Texas 7 Texas 7 Alabama 7 Purdue
8 Tennessee 8 Arkansas 8 Arizona 8 Kentucky
9 Alabama 9 UCLA 9 West Virginia 9 Arizona
10 Arkansas 10 Alabama 10 Utah State 10 Gonzaga
11 Gonzaga 11 Tennessee 11 Texas 11 Virginia
12 Baylor 12 Gonzaga 12 Duke 12 Alabama
13 UCLA 13 Baylor 13 Gonzaga 13 Arkansas
14 Duke 14 Duke 14 Fla. Atlantic 14 Duke
15 Mississippi St. 15 Mississippi St. 15 Mississippi St. 15 Baylor
16 Illinois 16 Kentucky 16 Virginia 16 Indiana
17 Wisconsin 17 Illinois 17 Arkansas 17 West Virginia
18 Indiana 18 Wisconsin 18 Baylor 18 Ohio St.
19 Kentucky 19 TCU 19 Virginia Tech 19 North Carolina
20 TCU 20 Virginia Tech 20 Saint Mary's 20 Illinois
21 Virginia Tech 21 Indiana 21 New Mexico 21 Iowa
22 Miami (FL) 22 Miami (FL) 22 Sam Houston 22 Saint Mary's
23 Auburn 23 Maryland 23 Indiana 23 Auburn
24 Marquette 23 Auburn 24 Arizona State 24 Virginia Tech
25 Arizona State 25 Marquette 25 North Carolina 25 San Diego St.