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AEW Dynamite Winter Is Coming quick thoughts, MJF retains, Daniel Bryan returns

Also, Ruby Soho is victorious in her return and The Elite want to channel the 2016 Cleveland Cavs.

Credit: All Elite Wrestling

The third edition of AEW’s Winter Is Coming had the obvious highlight of the two pillars, MJF and “Absolute” Ricky Starks, going against each other for the world title. There was no way MJF would lose the title this early in his reign, but it was good to see AEW was at least building up the belief that Starks could get to it in the future. With that being said, let’s get to some quick thoughts about this show.

  1. I’m thankful we had a week's break from the Death Triangle vs. The Elite best-of-seven series. It’s hard to keep putting that same matchup repeatedly and not be stale. Nick Jackson getting hurt during the match was another form of storytelling that will further play into the narrative of The Elite being the underdogs. Also, Penta and Fenix still have this tension over cheating are still happening. There’s an obvious homage to the 2016 Cleveland Cavs and Golden State Warriors 3-1 series deficit at play. It was the right call to make the future matches with stipulations.
  2. The Jericho Appreciation Society and Blackpool Combat Club feud has to end. It’s way beyond its time. We’ve seen every possible combination of matches these factions have to offer. I’m not sure who wants to see Chris Jericho fight Claudio, for the Ring of Honor title again. There’s also a weirdness because Jericho insisted Daniel Garcia become an understudy to Sammy Guevara. Previously, they did the storyline where Garcia almost left because of Daniel Bryan. To do this again, where Garcia could potentially turn on Guevara would not be the way to go. However, it could be preparing for a JAS where Jericho is not the main guy. Action Andretti had his 1-2-3 Kid moment and pulled a fast one on Jericho to get the win. Instead of Jericho winning a bunch, have him spiral out of control and lose to random jobbers.
  3. Ruby Soho getting her revenge against Tay Melo was the right way to go. The match was solid for both of them. AEW has to book Ruby Soho better in this current run. With Kris Statlander out for the foreseeable future, Soho and Melo could be names to step up if they have time to flesh out a program. If AEW can book some subsequent women's programs that aren’t involved with both titles, the division will be better for it. Obviously, with the Anna Jay attack – this program is far from over.
  4. Welcome back to the House of Black. This is another act that needs more important things to do the second time around. Fans know they are powerful as a unit – but there need to be some crowning moments for them.

5. The Acclaimed vs. Jeff Jarrett and Jay Lethal...sure?

6. I called MJF winning in a dirty way. It keeps the “devil” motif going for him and protects Starks. At some points in the match, things broke down, but Starks was also selling the ribs. Otherwise, it was pretty good – a rivalry that I’m sure AEW will return to. Daniel Bryan vs. MJF seems to be the move for Revolution. Let’s get Daniel Bryan some wins! There’s no reason why Bryan’s AEW story is about him constantly failing in big matches unless you want that to be, which presents the problem of him having to face MJF because he’s not dropping the title anytime soon.