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Impact of weather forecast on Bills vs. Patriots in Week 13 on Thursday Night Football

The weather report can impact fantasy football and betting. We break down the important information you need to prepare Bills vs. Patriots in Week 13’s Thursday Night Football matchup.

New York Jets v New England Patriots
Rhamondre Stevenson may benefit from anticipated windy conditions in Foxborough.
Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

Game-day update: Wind gusts are still a possibility, but they aren’t as high as the forecast was giving us a few days ago. It looks like winds will be around 10 mph with gusts possibly getting up in the 20s. I wouldn’t be to worried about the wind tonight.

Weather can make a big impact, just ask the Bills. They’re less than two weeks removed from having to move a home game to Ford Field in Detroit due to several feet of Buffalo snowfall. The weather in Foxborough for Thursday Night Football on Amazon Prime between the Bills and Patriots will not be that extreme, but wind gusts may impact your fantasy and sports betting decisions.

Weather needs to be extreme to truly impact games, but when deciding between two players who you like equally, it might be a helpful tie breaker. What we really don’t want to see is 20 mph or higher wind speeds. Rain can cause problems, but unless it is a combination of high winds and rain, we usually don’t want to downgrade our fantasy football players too much.

Helpful weather resources include National Weather Service and Dark Sky, among others.

Weather for Bills vs. Patriots on Week 13 TNF


The weather report at Gillette Stadium on Thursday night calls for a low of 27° with clear skies and a west wind of 14-16 mph. Importantly, there could be wind gusts as fast as 40 mph. Since the weather will otherwise be clear, it shouldn’t make a huge impact on the game overall, but it may mean more opportunities in the running game, especially for the Patriots who will want to slow down the tempo.

Fantasy/betting implications

If you already liked the under 43.5 in this game, the wind is probably encouraging. It could mean fewer passes and a more consistently running clock, leaning the total toward the under. Additionally, Rhamondre Stevenson’s value may be higher. His ability in the short passing game means he will see plenty of opportunities not impacted by the wind. He seems like a sure starter in DFS.