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2022 election results from Wisconsin Senate race

The race between Democrat Mandela Barnes and Republican Ron Johnson has been close all cycle long. We break down the winner and how oddsmakers saw the election.

In his final hours of campaigning Democratic candidate for U.S. senate in Wisconsin Mandela Barnes greets workers outside of the Molson Coors plant as the shifts change on November 08, 2022 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

The United States Senate seat from Wisconsin is one of 35 that will be contested tonight as part of the 2022 midterm election.

Incumbent Senator Ron Johnson is seeking a second term. He has governed mostly as a staunch conservative while running in a state that voted for Joe Biden in 2020. But the it has been closer than expected all the way through this race, and some verbal missteps by Johnson combined with his open support of President Trump have made this a race.

Lt. Governor Mandela Barnes is just 35-years-old and comes in as the underdog. He would be the first black senator to represent Wisconsin, and supported Bernie Sanders in both of his campaigns for President. He policies tend to hew more progressive than most of the state he currently serves.


The final forecast at gives Johnson an 81 in-100 of taking the seat.

The Cook Political Report lists this race as one of three that are considered a “Lean-R” during tonight’s election.

DraftKings Sportsbook offered odds in Ontario, Canada until Monday, November 7. Here were their last odds:

Barnes -400
Johnson +250

Latest Odds

7:35 p.m. ET on Election Day

Polymarket: Barnes .19 Johnson .81
PredictIt: Barnes .18 Johnson .86