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Kentucky vs. Missouri has first quarter end in a fracas

We’ve got a bit of a scrap in Columbia, but not a lot of consequences.

Will Levis of the Kentucky Wildcats runs with the ball against the Missouri Tigers at Kroger Field on September 11, 2021 in Lexington, Kentucky. Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

There was a major mixup at the conclusion of the first quarter in Saturday’s contest between the Kentucky Wildcats and Missouri Tigers, with the Kentucky sideline getting into it with Mizzou players who are trying to avoid something major. Somehow, it ended with Missouri’s Josh Landry getting a flag for unsportsmanlike conduct and nothing else.

Here’s some video of the scuffle, which has started to become a routine occurrence when these two programs get together.

It’s hard to tell what exactly started this but these programs have been jawing for years now. In most cases, something usually takes place when a player ends up on the opposing sideline. In 2019, Mizzou players crowded a Kentucky receiver who ended up on the Tigers’ sideline. That didn’t result in what we saw Saturday, but there has always been some tension between these SEC East rivals.

Kentucky leads Mizzou 7-3 after the first quarter.