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Friday Night Smackdown preview: Three questions heading into November 25 episode

Asking the necessary questions about tonight’s Smackdown from the Amica Mutual Pavilion in Providence, RI.

Wrestling: WWE-SummerSlam Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

WWE Friday Night Smackdown comes live from the Amica Mutual Pavilion in Providence, RI, tonight as the company sits just 24 hours away from Survivor Series WarGames.

Whether it’s an extremely important episode or a completely throwaway show that will be forgotten about in two weeks, there are always questions that surround each edition of Friday Night Smackdown. I’ll ask a few pertaining to tonight’s episode.

Who will gain the advantage for the men’s WarGames match?

The men’s WarGames match was made official on last week’s episode of Smackdown as the Bloodline will battle the team of the Brawling Brutes, Drew McIntyre, and Kevin Owens, who was revealed as the fifth member at the end of the show.

Tonight, McIntyre will team with Sheamus to battle The Usos to determine which team gets the advantage for the big match and that leaves the question of who will prevail. WarGames are usually geared towards the heels having the upperhand at first, so it wouldn’t be a surprise to see the undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions walk of out Providence victorious.

Who will be the fifth member for Bianca Belair’s WarGames team?

On Raw this past Monday, Bianca Belair revealed that the fifth member of her team will be revealed during tonight’s episode of Smackdown. There’s been a wide net of speculation over who it could be, from some predicting Becky Lynch to others taking the leap and saying that Sasha Banks will return in this spot. We’ll see who gets revealed for WarGames tonight.

Who will advance to the finals in the Smackdown World Cup?

The semifinals of the Smackdown World Cup will take place tonight as Ricochet goes one-on-one with Braun Strowman and Butch takes on Santos Escobar. All four would be viable candidates to face Gunther for the Intercontinental Championship in the near future, so we’ll see who takes a step closer to that opportunity tonight.