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What Week 11 means for the 2022 NFL playoff picture

The NFL playoff picture has a chance for a little bit of clarity in Week 11.

NFL: SEP 15 Chargers at Chiefs

The NFL season is fast approaching the holidays, which means the playoff push is picking up steam. Week 11 got underway on Thursday with the Titans getting a big road win against a tricky Packers team. Green Bay’s playoff hopes are circling the drain, but they showed the week before how dangerous they could still be when they beat the Cowboys in Lambeau.

The Titans are in control of the AFC South, holding a little over a two and a half game lead on the Colts and holding the head-to-head tiebreaker. Tennessee can’t get lazy in the division, but they’re more focused on the potential of home field throughout the playoffs. They head into Week 11 Sunday at 7-3 and tied with the Dolphins in the conference standings. Miami has the tiebreaker for now based on strength of victory. The 7-2 Chiefs hold the head-to-head tiebreaker against the Titans. If Kansas City loses to LA on Sunday, they’ll drop into a three-way tie for first with tiebreakers creating a messy situation for the time-being.

The biggest AFC games on Sunday are the aforementioned Chiefs-Chargers on Sunday Night Football and Jets-Patriots at 1 p.m. ET. All four AFC East teams are in the playoffs right now, and that makes this game especially crucial. The Jets are 6-3 while the Patriots are 5-4. If the Jets win, the Patriots could drop out of the final wild card berth depending on how the Chargers and Bengals do. If the Patriots win, it could get messy in the tiebreaker picture.

The biggest NFC games are Cowboys-Vikings and 49ers-Cardinals. Dallas is 6-3 and in third place in the NFC East while Minnesota is 8-1 and cruising to the NFC North title. San Francisco is 5-4 and a half game back of the Seahawks in the NFC West, while Arizona is 4-6 and a game up on the Rams for third place in the division

You can still bet on odds to make the playoffs at DraftKings Sportsbook, but it’s worth noting the 8-1 Eagles and 8-1 Vikings are both off the board. The Chiefs remain on the board at -10000, but if they beat the Chargers, it’s a good bet they’ll be pulled off the board with the season sweep of the series in hand.

Here’s a look at what the playoff picture looks like as the NFL moves into Week 12.

AFC playoff picture

1. Kansas City Chiefs, 7-2
2. Miami Dolphins, 7-3
3. Tennessee Titans, 7-3
4. Baltimore Ravens, 6-3

5. New York Jets, 6-3
6. Buffalo Bills, 6-3
7. New England Patriots, 5-4

8. Los Angeles Chargers, 5-4
9. Cincinnati Bengals, 5-4
10. Indianapolis Colts, 4-5-1
11. Cleveland Browns, 3-6
12. Denver Broncos, 3-6
13. Pittsburgh Steelers, 3-6
14. Jacksonville Jaguars, 3-7
15. Las Vegas Raiders, 2-7
16. Houston Texans, 1-6-1

Week 11 schedule

Titans 27, Packers 17
Browns (3-6) vs. Bills (6-3)
Eagles (8-1) vs. Colts (4-5-1)
Jets (6-3) vs. Patriots (5-4)
Panthers (3-7) vs. Ravens (6-3)
Commanders (5-5) vs. Texans (1-7-1)
Raiders (2-7) vs. Broncos (3-6)
Bengals (5-4) vs. Steelers (3-6)
Chiefs (7-2) vs. Chargers (5-4)

NFC playoff picture

1. Philadelphia Eagles, 8-1
2. Minnesota Vikings, 8-1
3. Seattle Seahawks, 6-4
4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 5-5

5. New York Giants 7-2
6. Dallas Cowboys, 6-3
7. San Francisco 49ers, 5-4

8. Washington Commanders, 5-5
9. Atlanta Falcons 4-6
10. Arizona Cardinals, 4-6
11. Green Bay Packers, 4-7
12. Detroit Lions, 3-6
13. Los Angeles Rams, 3-6
14. Carolina Panthers, 3-7
15. New Orleans Saints, 3-7
16. Chicago Bears, 3-7

Week 11 schedule

Titans 27, Packers 17
Bears (3-7) vs. Falcons (4-6)
Eagles (8-1) vs. Colts (4-5-1)
Rams (3-6) vs. Saints (3-7)
Lions (3-6) vs. Giants (7-2)
Panthers (3-7) vs. Ravens (6-3)
Commanders (5-5) vs. Texans (1-7-1)
Cowboys (6-3) vs. Vikings (8-1)
49ers (5-4) vs. Cardinals (4-6)