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What happens to my Browns vs. Bills bet now that game is moved to Detroit?

The AFC tilt has been sent to Detroit thanks to what should be incredibly terrible weather. Here’s how DraftKings will handle your bet.

Bills quarterback Josh Allen walks of the field after fumbling the snap that turned into a Vikings touchdown. JAMIE GERMANO / USA TODAY NETWORK

The Cleveland Browns and Buffalo Bills are still going to play a football game, but it won’t be in Orchard Park on Sunday. Instead the AFC tilt heads to Detroit, as some of the worst weather you’ve ever seen is heading for the shores of Lake Erie this weekend.

With a projected 2-4 feet of lake-effected snow expected to fall, and the Bills having a Thanksgiving game in Detroit already, this move certainly made the most sense from a logistics perspective. But if you’re holding a ticket for either team, how are you effected?

Every sportsbook is different, but at DraftKings Sportsbook nothing should change for you at all. Here are the rules directly from DK, but we’ll highlight the ones that apply below:

Games must start in the same scheduling week of the league (for NFL, the scheduling week is Thursday-Wednesday, local stadium time; for NCAA, the scheduling week is Tuesday-Monday, local stadium time) for bets to have action.

If a game venue is changed, and the home team remains designated as such, bets will stand.

If a game venue is changed, and the home and away team’s listings are reversed, bets placed on the original listing will be void.

So since the game is on the same day, and Buffalo will still be the home team according to the stats, you’ll be good to go here and everything will count. So carry on, ye wagerers.

And if you had the over already, congrats on getting what should be a much more beneficial field for your wager. The total opened at 44, then was bet down to 42.5 due to the weather, but now stands at 48.5 at DraftKings Sportsbook. The Bills are also currently an 8.5-point favorite at DK.