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Is Buffalo Bills’ Highmark Stadium field heated?

The weather in Buffalo is often freezing. Is the Bills field heated?

The Buffalo Bills have plans for a new stadium that will be more conducive to limiting the amount of snow accumulation on the field due to its design that will protect against the elements and use radiant heating, but the current stadium is about as “open-air” as you can get in the NFL.

So, we know that the elements have free rein in the stadium, but how about the turf? Does it have a heating system underneath like their counterpart cold stadium Lambeau Field? The answer is no. Why they don’t is another question, but instead of a heated field, they are the true “Frozen Tundra” of the NFL.

The Bills stadium has A-Turf Titan 50 installed and it is currently the only stadium with that particular turf. The internet is full of superlatives for the rubber infilled turf from industry sources, but very little about how it performs in freezing and snow-filled conditions.