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DraftKings Reignmakers Week 10 Contest Recap

Lucky Trader’s Hunter Langille recaps all the major fantasy football contests from Week 10 of DraftKings Reignmakers.

This article originally appeared on Lucky Trader: DraftKings Reignmakers | Week 10 Contest Recap

Justin Fields dominated the quarterback position again in Week 10. He gained another 147 yards on the ground and appeared in all five of the big tournament-winning lineups at each rarity tier. Following another 40-plus DKFP performance, it makes you wonder if Fields would have earned the SuperStar designation had he started this impressive run a few weeks earlier.

Jonathan Taylor finished as the overall No. 1 running back despite losing his SuperStar designation just two weeks ago. With new head coach Jeff Saturday reinstating Matt Ryan at quarterback and feeding Taylor with 22 carries, the 2021 leading rusher now looks like one of the best Reignmakers plays going forward.

Justin Jefferson led all SuperStars with 38.3 DKFP, followed by Patrick Mahomes with 35.14 and Davante Adams with 30.6.

Meanwhile, Tyreek Hill, Derrick Henry and Cooper Kupp all busted with 15 DKFP or fewer. Kupp left the game with an ankle injury, however, and although we still don’t have much information, Rams head coach Sean McVay was reported saying the injury “didn’t look good.” This could throw a wrench in the updated SuperStar list.

This week, the perfect lineup construction was difficult to assemble, as players would have had to roster Christian Watson, who prior to Sunday, never had more than 34 receiving yards in a game. The ELITE and REIGNMAKER tier winners came the closest, but each lineup still finished two players away.

This week also featured the Aoki All-Star League in the CORE tier, where the top 100 finishers all received entry to an exclusive Week 17 contest to compete with Steve Aoki and friends. Players must have owned a Steve Aoki All-Star Access Pass to enter the contest.

Here is a look at the winning teams in each tier from the main slate:

CORE Lineup

The winner of the $50K Fiat Frenzy at the CORE tier was jeff8073x who scored 172.18 DKFP. This team had Taylor and CeeDee Lamb, who both lost their SuperStar designation two weeks ago. Lamb finished as the overall WR1 and Taylor the RB1. This was the only winning team among the big contests to roster Christian Kirk, who had a season-high 12 targets as the Jaguars were forced to lean on the passing game while trailing vs. the Chiefs.

Aoki All-Star League Lineup

The winner of the Aoki All-Star League was jacehenderson23, who won $1,500 and a seat to the exclusive Week 17 tournament. It’s interesting to see Josh Jacobs at 23.7% ownership in this CORE contest compared to just 8.7% in the CORE Fiat Frenzy. This user now can win a seat at the poker table with Steve Aoki himself in Week 17.

RARE Lineup

The winner of the $80K Fiat Frenzy at the RARE tier was tsteinkopf who scored 162.08 DKFP. This was one of three winners who rostered Saquon Barkley at SuperStar. Despite being the third-highest-scoring SuperStar behind Jefferson and Adams, Barkley appeared on the most winning teams. With limited options at the running back position, rostering Barkley was a layup vs. the Texans, who have surrendered the most rushing yards per game by a wide margin.

ELITE Lineup

The winner of the ELITE Fiat Frenzy for $100,000 was kingrex9, scoring 175.28 DKFP. Winning by 6.5 points, this user benefitted from overtime in both the Vikings and Cowboys games. With the extra playing time, Jefferson, Stefon Diggs and Lamb had 16, 16, and 15 targets, respectively. This team tied for the most points among all the winners.


The winner of the $100K Fiat Frenzy at the LEGENDARY tier was tmoney88, who was the only winner to pair Fields with Cole Kmet. Interestingly, the Cole Kmet card was a REIGNMAKER edition, which is not required to play in this contest. According to the Lucky Trader Portfolio Tool, tmoney88 received the Kmet card in a pack on September 16 and currently has it listed on the market for $769.69.


The winner of the $125K “The Alpha” was StealCityHall, who scored 33 DKFP more than second place. This team tied for the most points scored on the day, which is very rare for a winner in the REIGNMAKER tier. The winning lineup cost $6,324 on the DraftKings Marketplace, not including the price of the packs used to receive both Jefferson and Diggs. StealCityHall tied rsbathla with fourteen entries into this contest, making up a joint 18% of all entrants in “The Alpha.”

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