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DraftKings Marketplace Primetime Series Hits the DK Shop

Collectors of DraftKings Marketplace NFTs can now represent some of their favorite collections with merch!

The Primetime Series has hit the DraftKings Shop!

Fans of the Primetime Series featured in the DraftKings Marketplace can now represent their favorite NFTs wherever they go!

Here are the five items hitting the DraftKings Shop on November 14:

  • Primetime Series Zombies Long Sleeve Tee
  • Primetime Series Rec League All-Stars Cap
  • Primetime Series Rec League All-Stars Raglan
  • 2022 Limited Edition Primetime Series DKFC Soccer Jersey
  • Primetime Series Court Vision Lace ‘Em Up Hoodie

Check out all the new merch — and more — at the DraftKings Shop.