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What Week 10 means for the 2022 NFL playoff picture

We break down the standings and schedule heading into Week 10 and what it means for the playoffs.

American Football, NFL, Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Seattle Seahawks, Matchday 10, Allianz Arena: Training Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The players with Tom Brady (front 2nd from left) take a photo during practice. Photo by Sven Hoppe/picture alliance via Getty Images

The NFL is firmly into November and with the holiday season approaching, the playoff race is picking up some steam. Nobody will be clinching a playoff berth for at least a couple more weeks, but teams can firm up their positions heading toward Thanksgiving.

Week 10 features several matchups with significant implications, and a few that are a bit sexier on the surface but actually aren’t quite as big a deal. The best example of the latter is Vikings-Bills. The current No. 1 seed in the AFC hosts the current No. 2 seed in the NFC in a potential Super Bowl preview. Both teams want to keep winning with plenty on the line, but this has less bearing on things like tiebreakers for the time-being. It’s not not important, but for now it’s less important.

The biggest games of Week 10 likely involve the NFC West. The Seahawks and Bucs face off in Munich on Sunday morning at 9:30 a.m. Seattle has a 1.5 game lead on the 49ers in the NFC West and they get a struggling Bucs squad on a neutral field to build on that. The Bucs have a chance to firm up their NFC South lead on the Falcons. Later in the day, the Cardinals host the Rams in a potential elimination game for the Cardinals. They can’t be mathematically eliminated anytime soon, but a loss would give LA the season sweep and head-to-head edge, which is huge for moving up the division standings.

You can check out full odds for each team “to make the playoffs” at DraftKings Sportsbook. The Vikings and Cowboys are both the highest listed at -10000, although it’s worth noting the Eagles and Bills do not have a “Yes” option listed at this point. The Bills were pulled down due to Josh Allen’s injury while the Eagles are rolling along at 8-0.

Here’s a full look at the NFL playoff picture, including standings and Week 10 matchups.

AFC playoff picture

1. Buffalo Bills, 6-2
2. Kansas City Chiefs, 6-2
3. Baltimore Ravens, 6-3
4. Tennessee Titans, 5-3

5. New York Jets, 6-3
6. Miami Dolphins, 6-3
7. Los Angeles Chargers, 5-3

8. New England Patriots, 5-4
9. Cincinnati Bengals, 5-4
10. Indianapolis Colts, 3-5-1
11. Cleveland Browns, 3-5
12. Denver Broncos, 3-5
13. Jacksonville Jaguars, 3-6
14. Las Vegas Raiders, 2-6
15. Pittsburgh Steelers, 2-6
16. Houston Texans, 1-6-1


Vikings (7-1) vs. Bills (6-2)
Broncos (3-5) vs. Titans (5-3)
Jaguars (3-6) vs. Chiefs (6-2)
Browns (3-5) vs. Dolphins (6-3)
Texans (1-6-1) vs. Giants (6-2)
Saints (3-6) vs. Steelers (2-6)
Colts (3-5-1) vs. Raiders (2-6)
Chargers (5-3) vs. 49ers (4-4)

NFC playoff picture

1. Philadelphia Eagles, 8-0
2. Minnesota Vikings, 7-1
3. Seattle Seahawks, 6-3
4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 4-5

5. Dallas Cowboys, 6-2
6. New York Giants 6-2
7. San Francisco 49ers, 4-4

8. Washington Commanders, 4-5
9. Atlanta Falcons 4-6
10. Los Angeles Rams, 3-5
11. Green Bay Packers, 3-6
12. New Orleans Saints, 3-6
13. Arizona Cardinals, 3-6
14. Chicago Bears, 3-6
15. Detroit Lions, 2-6
16. Carolina Panthers, 3-7


Panthers 25, Falcons 15
Seahawks (6-3) vs. Buccaneers (4-5)
Vikings (7-1) vs. Bills (6-2)
Lions (2-6) vs. Bears (3-6)
Texans (1-6-1) vs. Giants (6-2)
Saints (3-6) vs. Steelers (2-6)
Cowboys (6-2) vs. Packers (3-6)
Cardinals (3-6) vs. Rams (3-5)
Chargers (5-3) vs. 49ers (4-4)
Commanders (4-5) vs. Eagles (8-0)