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When was the last time Alabama missed the College Football Playoff?

The Crimson Tide are the most successful team of the CFP Era. When was the last time they didn’t make the Final Four?

Alabama Crimson Tide head coach Nick Saban watches defensive coordinator Pete Golding during the second half at Bryant-Denny Stadium. Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

The College Football Playoff Committee will release their first rankings of 2022 on Tuesday night, and Alabama Crimson Tide is just the No. 6 team in the rankings.

The Tide has one loss to the Tennessee Volunteers thanks to a last-minute field goal that the Vols kicker put through the uprights. They have no wins over currently ranked teams, but have the opportunity to get a few of those under their belts in upcoming matchups against Ole Miss and LSU.

Bama has only missed a single CFP since the national championship took that format. In 2019, they lost to both LSU and Auburn in the regular season, so the field consisted of four teams not named Alabama for the only time in history.

Alabama has entered the final four as the top seed in the last two years.

History of Alabama in College Football Playoff

2014: No. 1 seed
2015: No. 2 seed *
2016: No. 1 seed
2017: No. 4 seed *
2018: No. 1 seed
2019: Missed the CFP
2020: No. 1 seed *
2021: No. 1 seed
2022: ??

* Won National Championship