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Reignmakers UFC Roadmap Reaction

Breaking down what we’ve learned from the Reignmakers UFC roadmap!

We just got some HUGE news for Reignmakers UFC, as DraftKings has released the official roadmap for the next year. Here are the major takeaways:

‘Weigh-In’ Phase

We’re going to get a sneak peek of the finished product and Reignmakers UFC gameplay in the latter part of 2022, before DraftKings takes it to the next level in 2023. This is what we know is coming in the next few months:

UFC Octagon Pass

DraftKings is wasting no time, already rewarding UFC Heatwave users with an airdrop. This will be called the UFC Octagon Pass, and it will be very similar to Reignmakers Football 2022 Field Pass. The UFC Octagon Pass will unlock similar utility for those familiar with that. An airdrop snapshot will take place directly following UFC 282, and DraftKings plans to release additional information around specific snapshot dates, utility roadmap and more in the coming weeks.

UFC 281 & UFC 282 Heatwave Whitelist

The first Reignmakers UFC contests are coming soon! DraftKings will launch these contests for UFC 281 and UFC 282 in November. Those contests will be headlined by massive fights, including Israel Adesanya vs. Alex Pereira and Jiří Procházka vs. Glover Teixeira. DraftKings will be opening up a purchasing whitelist for Event Packs for both PPV fights for all Heatwave holders! Don’t worry if you miss out on the whitelist though, all remaining inventory will be posted for the public.

‘Weigh-In’ Contests & Prizes

As mentioned above, DraftKings will be launching the first Reignmakers UFC contests for both UFC 281 and UFC 282. Each event will feature $100,000 in total prizes, and all contests will be at the CORE or RARE level. Just like Reignmakers Football, scoring & roster construction will work the same way as DraftKings Daily Fantasy UFC.

‘Weigh-In’ Packs & Fighter Cards

Before users can enter contests, they’ll need to build a collection of UFC Fighter Cards. Event Packs will be dropped containing five fighter cards from all 28 participating fighters ahead of both UFC 281 and 282.

Public drop dates

  • UFC 281 Event Packs — Saturday, November 5
  • UFC 282 Event Packs — Saturday, December 3rd

Each of the two public drops will follow the Heatwave-only early-access period. All UFC Fighter Cards will be playable throughout 2023.

Genesis Drop & 2023 Launch

With January right around the corner, DraftKings is going to give users a preview of what they can expect for Reignmakers UFC gameplay and provide more drops for the upcoming season.

First things first, Octagon passes for all Heatwave holders will be airdropped following UFC 282. Stay tuned for exact timing on the snapshot and airdrop.

Franchise Score

DraftKings rewarded Reignmakers Football users consistently via Franchise Score, and that system is coming to UFC users in 2023 as well.

Here’s how it works: every Reignmakers UFC card that users collect will earn them points on the Franchise Score Leaderboard. The more points you earn, the bigger prizes you’ll receive from snapshots.

2023 Contests & Prizes

The 2023 UFC campaign kicks off on January 14, with UFC Fight Night: Imavov vs. Gastelum, and so does Reignmakers UFC.

DraftKings will have a full slate of contests starting on the 14th, continuing with the biggest PPVs and Fight Nights throughout 2023.

More details about prizing will be released ahead of the new year.

Genesis Drop

The first premium drop of Reignmakers UFC is coming in early 2023!

The Genesis Collection will give users access to cards featuring the top fighters in UFC, which they can use throughout the entire 2023 campaign. DraftKings will be sending out “Save the Dates” for a community event to reveal more details about Genesis, so stay tuned to Discord.

Event Packs

This is an interesting wrinkle to Reignmakers UFC. Ahead of UFC Fight Nights or major PPVs, DraftKings will be dropping special UFC Event Packs, which will only contain fighters who are competing in that event.

Gameplay Expansion & UFC Roadmap 2.0

DraftKings is saving most of the big reveals for the road ahead, so stay tuned for community events closer to January which will reveal more details.

One thing we know for sure: Reignmakers UFC will feature enhanced gameplay, contest structures and format updates. Fighter card trade-in options, Reignmakers PFP features and more will also be explored.

Reignmakers UFC is officially on the horizon!