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When was last time Guardians won World Series? Going over history for Cleveland

We take a look at the last time the Guardians made a World Series appearance and a brief history of the franchise.

2016 World Series - Chicago Cubs v. Cleveland Indians: Game 6

The Cleveland Guardians have never appeared or won a World Series. The end.

OK, obviously, that’s not quite true. Although it is now working under a new name, Cleveland’s baseball team has made quite a few showings in the Fall Classic. Here is a quick look at that history.

Guardians' history in the World Series

When was the last appearance? Win?

History was made when Cleveland was last in the World Series — it was just in the other dugout. In 2016, Cleveland squandered a 3-1 series lead to the Cubs and lost in extra innings in Game 7. The Cubs’ curse-concluding victory did give Cleveland one title, however: Team with the longest active World Series drought. That’s because the team now known as the Guardians hasn’t tasted World Series triumph since 1948.

How many appearances do the Guardians have?

Cleveland’s first two World Series appearances — 1920 and 1948 — were both victorious ventures. Since then, it is 0-4 in the Fall Classic. Those losses came in 1954, 1995, 1997 and ‘16.