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Breaking down Broncos’s backfield usage in Week 5

We break down the Denver Broncos running back usage in Week 5.

Melvin Gordon III #25 of the Denver Broncos rushes during a game against the Indianapolis Colts at Empower Field At Mile High on October 06, 2022 in Denver, Colorado. Photo by Justin Tafoya/Getty Images

Final update (including OT): Gordon finished the game with 15 carries for 54 yards and three receptions for 43 more yards. Boone had seven carries for 38 yards and three receptions for 47 yards. Neither player scored a TD but had decent outings in a horrible game. Moving forward, there is a slight edge to Gordon, but Boone looks worth a roster spot.

First half update: Gordon finished the half with seven carries for 12 yards and no fumbles. Boone didn't add any more carries but caught a pass for five yards. In total, Gordon has nine touches for 37 yards, and Boone has two for eight yards.

Did you know that Melvin Gordon has had recent fumble problems? If you are watching tonight’s Thursday Night Football game between the Denver Broncos and the Indianapolis Colts, it would be impossible not to unless you are watching muted. They have mentioned his fumble problems so much it made me wonder if I missed him fumbling in this game, I haven't because he hasn't. Whether you are looking for fantasy football info or just checking in on how life post-Javonte Williams looks for the Broncos, here is the backfield breakdown for Denver so far in their Week 5 game.

Broncos RB usage in Week 5 vs. Colts

With 11 minutes to go in the second quarter, the leading rusher for Denver is quarterback Russell Wilson with 24 yards, just as we all suspected. Gordon has six carries for eight yards, while the backup, Mike Boone, has one for three yards. Despite the ridicule of his fumbling, Gordon has brought in both of his targets for 25 yards so far. Boone has yet to be targeted.

Through four drives, Gordon has a little more than double the snaps that Boone has.