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Reese’s signs every college football player with the name Reese to an NIL deal

The Best Candy goes to college and finds plenty of players to promote their iconic brand.

London, Snickers, Tracker, Mars, Toblerone and Reeses candy on display Photo by: Jeffrey Greenberg/Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

There’s plenty of questions still being answered about how the NIL marketplace will shake out for student-athlete’s across America. Some even in non-revenue sports are making millions, others are just hoping for a few bucks as part of the new NCAA Football game.

But when a brand as big as Hershey’s comes knocking on your door, if you’re a non-star Division I football player, you’re probably thrilled at the chance to make some cash. And that’s what will happen for a dozen players with the last name Reese as part of a promotional campaign for Reese’s Chocolate.

And while we hope a few dollars in actual cash is part of this deal ... hold up, did they say a Reese’s mini fridge for their locker?? Check out your new most-popular teammate, 10 FBS and two FCS schools!!

I’m sure the strength and conditioning coaches, as well as the de rigueur nutrition specialists at the P5 institutions listed, aren’t thrilled at an entire team potentially downing delicious Peanut Butter Cups or Pieces before and after practice. But get out of here if you think you can stop them.

Shipping pallets of delicious chocolate to dorm rooms sounds like something out of a post-study hall fever dream. And with 105 players on most rosters, keeping that fridge full might be the biggest challenge.

Congrats to all the Reeses involved, and best of luck to all team support staff attempting to stop the forthcoming mass sugar consumption.