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DraftKings Marketplace Discord Weekly News & Schedule — 10/03-10/09

Learn about the upcoming DraftKings Marketplace, Reignmakers Football events and more!

Join a Reignmakers Football contest in the NFT games lobby here!

The Week Ahead — October 3-9

Monday 10/3

⏬ DraftKings Primetime Series: Zom-B Collection

Public Drop @ 1pm ET


SF vs. LAR @ 8:15 ET

Tuesday 10/4

Weekly Drive Snapshot

Snapshot of users gaining the most Franchise Points during Week 5 @ Midnight ET 10/10

End of Week 1 Snapshot

Leaderboard Snapshot @ 10 am ET

Wednesday 10/5

❓ Community Collection Most Desirable Player Card Poll

Polls open @ 1 pm ET

Chat with SupDucks

Discord Stage @ 6pm ET

Thursday 10/6


DEN vs. IND 8:15pm ET

Friday 10/7

Fireside Friday

NFTs 101

Reignmakers Football: Community Pack Opening Watch Party

Party starts @ 6pm ET


Primetime Series: Zom-B Team Drop

Happy Drop Day!

Zom-B Team collectibles will be available on the Marketplace Today at 1:00pm ET! 750 total collectibles will be on sale for $50 each. Preferred Access will begin at 10:00am ET and the following reward holders will be eligible for a 15% rebate:

Reward TourneyToons: Kings of the Tourney, Reward GolfGuys: Hats Off Victory, Court Vision Reward: Day vs. Night, Grass Court Passes Reward: Seventh for the Serbian, Rec League All-Stars Reward: Hollywood Hardballers or Pixel Playmakers Reward: Leveled Up (collectively, “Reward NFTs”).

As an additional drop day surprise, we’re distributing a 50K Crown Bonus PLUS a Zom-B Team themed t-shirt to 6 users who pull a “Diamond in the Rough” Zom-B Collection Edition Number! The “Diamond in the Rough” Bonus celebrates the most prolific baseball players of all time.

The qualifying edition numbers for the “Diamond In the Rough” Bonus are: 3, 4, 5, 7, 9, and 42.

Disclaimer: “Diamond in the Rough” edition numbers do not qualify for the Postseason Jersey Number rewards. In order to receive the 50K Crown Bonus PLUS a Zom-B Team themed T-Shirt users must be holding the eligible edition numbers by the snapshot time of 10/06 at 4:00pm ET

DraftKings x SupDucks: Rundown with SupDucks Founder

Today (10/5) from 6pm ET we will be hosting a special guest, the founder of SupDucks @KingStronk.

Join us as they take the Discord Stage and tell us all about SupDucks. We will also chat about the newest drop to hit the marketplace, SlyCrocs.

Sign up here to be reminded.

See you there!

Reignmakers Football: Weekly Drive FS Leaderboard

New Franchise Score Leaderboard, that resets weekly, has now launched and for this week only we are quadrupling the prizing to$100,000 for our first Weekly Drive Contest, split across the top 1,000!

Collect new cards weekly via the Primary (Drops) or Secondary (Browse) Marketplace to rank up your Franchise Score for that week, with prizes going to the top 1,000! The week will run from Tuesday to Monday (midnight ET) and payouts will be sent each Tuesday, for the previous week.

Track your progress on the Franchise Score Landing Page here.

DraftKings Primetime Series: Zom-B Collection Update

Calling all opportunists!

On drop day users had a 1.73% chance to unveil an exclusive Utility Edition Number. The current probability of finding a Utility Edition Number is now 2.61%. This means you’ve just boosted your odds by 51%!

Don’t forget about the 72 hour Sellout Bonus DFS Contest! We’re only 43 purchases away from the 75% Sellout Bonus target! If the current demand continues and we achieve 100% sellout by 1:00PM ET on Thursday, Oct 6, you’ll treat yourselves to a spooky $4K Private DFS Contest. Just remember to hold on to your collectible until after the 4:00PM ET DFS Reward snapshot time on Thursday, Oct 6!

Only 3 of 7 postseason home run utility edition numbers have been found! Numbers: 28, 44, 50 and 99 are still available. Only 4 of the 6 “Diamond in the Rough’’ utility edition numbers have been found! Numbers: 4 and 5 are still available.

You can find the Zom-B Team Collection here.

Last but not least are the Zombie themed auctions! The Zom-B Gold Auction is LIVE and will end TODAY, Wednesday, Oct 5 around 1:00pm ET. Auctions for Frankie Fastball - Gold and Willy Web Gem - Gold both go live today, Wednesday, Oct 5 at 1:00pm ET.

All gold editions will include an upgraded Dynasty Rewards status boost to gold (or one level above their current status, whichever is higher), a Zom-B swag pack, and a reward NFT from this collection (giving you eligibility to preferred access for future drops).

Top Week 4 Performers

For the full breakdown of the roadmap, please visit the Reignmakers Football Landing Page.

Need the details on Franchise Score? That article breaks it down in full.

Interested in secondary sales and summary of Reignmakers Football? Look no further than this Marketplace breakdown!

Join the DraftKings Discord here for updates on upcoming, live and past drops.

Connect with the Reignmakers Football conversation on Twitter.

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