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What league does Wrexham AFC play in?

Here’s a look at the league Wrexham play in and the history of the club.

A photograph taken on January 29, 2022 shows the crest of Wrexham Association Football Club on the exterior of the Racecourse Ground stadium prior to the start of the National League fixture football match between Wrexham Association Football and Maidenhead United, in Wrexham, Wales.
Photo by OLI SCARFF/AFP via Getty Images

Wrexham AFC, the subject of Hulu’s “Welcome to Wrexham” series, is hoping to achieve promotion in the 2022-23 season after a whopping 14 years in the English National League. Wrexham is the longest-tenured member, so to speak, in the National League. They’ve been competing in that division since 2008-09. They play home matches in Wrexham, Wales at Racecourse Ground.

The National League is the lowest professional league in English soccer. If Wrexham get promoted, they would be in English League Two. English League Two is the last rung on the upper level of the soccer pyramid. Promotion from League Two would send Wrexham to League One and promotion from League One would put Wrexham in the EFL Championship. Promotion from the Championship would put Wrexham in the Premier League, which is the highest league in English soccer.

Currently, Wrexham are second in the National League table. The winner of the the league achieves automatic promotion, while the next six teams compete in a playoff for a second promotion spot.