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DraftKings Reignmakers NFL Week 7 value picks

We take a look at some Reignmakers bargain plays for Week 7

Brandin Cooks #13 of the Houston Texans celebrates a touchdown with Phillip Dorsett #4 against the Los Angeles Chargers at NRG Stadium on October 02, 2022 in Houston, Texas. Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

Welcome to Week 7 of the fantasy football season, which also coincides with the NFL season! If you’ve spent anytime on DraftKings of late, you’ve probably thought to yourselves, what’s all this Reignmakers hubbub? You may have even ripped open your free pack, but just left it at that. I hear you. Learning something new that also costs money, well, that’s not always fun. But, the cool thing is, it is pretty fun!

Now, I am no Reignmakers high roller. I got my free pack, and ended up with a few pieces that really helped me. I was pretty lucky to get a Stefon Diggs and then some usable players in Zach Ertz and Matthew Stafford. That base made it a little easier to get a 5-man team together to play in Reignmakers contests, but I still had to do some bargain shopping.

The basics for Reignmakers are pretty basic. You can rip packs or buy cards of players individually on the marketplace. I’ve gone the individual route because I wanted to pick my players like I would any regular DK contest. I looked at matchups and injuries and found players I could afford to make up my team.

Quarterbacks are the most expensive, bottlenecky cards out there. Running backs are next and then receivers and tight ends. You can play a Core 5 player team or a deep roster 9 player team. You can then start getting into higher tiers with Rare, Elite, Legendary and Reignmaker at the top. I’m sticking with Core right now and having fun. You can give it a try without sinking much cash into it as well.

For Week 7, we have some bargain plays because four strong fantasy relevant teams are on bye. I try to stick to the big slates instead of Showdowns because I don’t want to be in a position where I am forced to purchase cards from just two teams. Playing the bigger slates lets you find bargains much easier.

For the 5 team games you need 1QB, 1RB, 1WR, 1WR/TE, and 1 FLEX. Pretty standard stuff. Scoring is also the same as your original DK games. One caveat is that you can only play one Superstar card out of your five cards. It’s not a big deal when you’re just starting and looking for deals, but if you keep going, you’ll end up needing to make a choice between Superstar cards at some point.


If you didn’t get a startable QB in your free pack, then you’ll need to pay up at the position to get a viable team. Top players aren’t cheap, with Lamar Jackson, Patrick Mahomes, and Joe Burrow around $22 to $25 for this week. But, there are some deals.

Justin Herbert (current low $15.39) vs. Seahawks

Herbert has Superstar status, which cuts his price a bit since people can’t pair him with another Superstar. He hasn’t quite lived up to his upside this season, but his ribs injury has slowed him down. He should be getting close to healthy and this is a good matchup with the Seahawks pass D that let Jared Goff toss 4 TDs against them.

Derek Carr (current low $11.00) vs. Texans

Carr has been average, but average has him in the Top 12 fantasy scorers at QB. A matchup with a Texans pass defense that has decent numbers, but also hasn’t played formidable offenses this season, should be a plus for him.

Davis Mills (current low $6.70) vs. Raiders

Mills is the cheapest I’d go at the position and that’s because he faces a Raiders pass defense that has given up 11 passing TDs and just two interceptions while giving up the most fantasy points to quarterbacks.

Running back

Top running backs range from $10 to $24 as I write this. As always, grabbing a top player who you feel will continue to play at a high level is great if you have the cash. What I try to do is grab cheap cards I think will go up in value as the player plays better or gets more opportunities, etc..

D’Andre Swift (current low $9.99) vs. Cowboys

Update: Swift will reportedly not play this week. That’s the risk for going after injured players for deals, but he should be back next week, so hold onto him if you did grab him.

Swift could have been had even cheaper if you bought his card during his injury and/or bye, but he’s still at a bargain due to him not being 100% sure of starting this week. I believe he does start though. His upside is up there with the top backs and even a good Cowboys defense can be beaten by a player like Swift.

Jonathan Taylor (current low $10.00) vs. Titans

Taylor was also cheaper closer to the beginning of his ankle injury, which gives you some idea how to speculate on cards. The good news for Taylor is that he looks likely to return this week and the Colts offense looked like they got a few things figured out last week. Combined, that sets up well for Taylor to get back on track sooner than later and at a slight discount.

Ezekiel Elliott (current low $6.00) vs. Lions

I, like many fantasy players, want to see Tony Pollard and his explosiveness get more touches, but Elliott isn’t going away. He also looked pretty darn good last week against a good Eagles defense despite being in negative game-script. Add in Dak Prescott and a Lions run defense that gives up 5.46 yards per carry and eight rushing TDs so far, and you have a strong play in Zeke.

Gus Edwards (current low $1.69) vs. Browns

UPDATE: J.K. Dobbins is out 4-6 weeks

The Ravens backfield is a mess, but Edwards appears ready to return this weekend and J.K. Dobbins is dealing with a knee injury. How much work Edwards gets is up in the air, but his card is too cheap not to give him a try against a very weak Browns run defense.

Wide receiver

Receivers are easier to find true value plays for not a lot of cash.

Terry McLaurin (current low $3.97) vs. Packers

With Carson Wentz out, we’re hoping that Taylor Heinicke ends up giving McLaurin more targets, as he did when he was playing last season. We know how good Scary Terry can be and a few more targets could easily unlock him for this season.

Brandin Cooks (current low $3.00) vs. Raiders

The matchup is great and so is Cooks. The question is, can Davis Mills get him the ball? Coming off their bye against a poor pass defense will at least give them the best chance possible.

Mack Hollins (current low $1.45) vs. Texans

This pick is contingent on if Hunter Renfrow plays. He missed Thursday’s practice and Darren Waller looks on track to miss this week with a hamstring. If both are out, Hollins will get his opportunities.

Wan’Dale Robinson (current low $2.75) vs. Jaguars

Robinson is going to start seeing plenty of snaps now that he’s healthy. Last week he was limited, but still found the end zone. This week he should be fully integrated into the offense.

Tight end

You don’t have to play a tight end, but the flexibility can help you out. Mark Andrews and Travis Kelce are of course the most expensive cards, ranging from $20-$30 Both are great and have high floors, but are cost prohibitive.

Evan Engram (current low $1.00) vs. Giants

I’m always here for a good revenge narrative and we get one for really cheap with Engram as he takes on his old team. The good news is that Engram is a big part of the Jaguars offense and has 16 targets in the last two weeks, catching 11 passes for 109 yards.

Robert Tonyan (current low $1.80) vs. Commanders

Tonyan saw a huge workload last week and the hope is that he continues to see elevated targets moving forward. That may not happen, but now we know it can happen.