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Odds for the next British Prime Minister after Liz Truss resignation

Liz Truss didn’t even last a half an NFL season. Who will replace her at No. 10?

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UK Prime Minister Liz Truss is seen making resignation statement outside 10 Downing Street after 44 days in office in London, United Kingdom on October 20, 2022. Photo by Stringer/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

The head of lettuce has won, and Liz Truss has stepped down as Britain’s prime minister after a tumultuous 44 days that will leave her as the shortest-reigning PM in history. And considering the House of Commons dates back to 1341, that’s quite an achievement.

The Conservative Party has promised to replace her in about a week, and a sprint leadership contest kicked off before Truss even approached the podium at No. 10 Downing Street this morning.

Truss’s previous opponent in the party-wide election of Rishi Sunak is the favorite at +100. The tax status of Sunak’s wealthy wife, as well as his retention of an American green card from his time as a student with the Stanford Cardinal (see, we’d get sports in here somehow) were a drag on his campaign. But the last seven weeks has been more evidence that his economic vision for Britain might be more palatable and possible beyond the Tory confines.

Penny Mordaunt didn’t make it to the final vote of the last election, but she still might be in the mix this time. The current leader of the House of Commons and former reality television diving show contestant has been knocked for her lack of economic bonafides in the past, but is a popular figure generally.

And a return of the previously-sacked Boris Johnson is not out of the question here. The chaos surrounding Truss might have Tories longing for the days of merely unending scandal instead of economic implosion. Johnson has the support of much of the base of the party, but he has yet to declare if he’ll even consider a return to the despatch box.

Here are the latest odds to become Britain’s next prime minster from Betfair, a fully-legal election betting site in the United Kingdom.

  • Rishi Sunak: -120
  • Penny Mordaunt +220
  • Boris Johnson: +500
  • Ben Wallace: +1100
  • Kemi Badenoch: +1400

While there are no opportunities for Americans to bet on the election as of yet, keep an eye on sites such as PredictIt and Polymarket to see if they establish markets in this area soon.