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Tuley’s Takes: Week 5 NFL recap from VSiN

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New York Giants v Green Bay Packers Photo by Stu Forster/Getty Images

Sunday was another action-filled day in the Tuley’s Takes home office, especially as dogs kept barking in the NFL.

Dogs went 8-5 ATS on Sunday with 1 pick-’em (9-5 ATS so far in Week 5, including the Colts’ upset of the Broncos on Thursday Night Football), and we went 5-2 ATS with our Best Bets that we listed in the Sunday version of this column with wins on the Giants + 8.5 vs. Packers, Texans + 7 at Jaguars, Falcons + 10 at Buccaneers, Cowboys + 5.5 at Rams and Bengals + 3.5 -120 at Ravens (and 6-2 ATS if including the Browns + 3 vs. the Chargers from earlier in the week). The losses were on the Steleers + 14 at Bills and Lions + 3.5 at Patriots.

It was also a fun day as I spent it at Circa’s Stadium Swim with my friend, Tony “DURBIFY” Gordon, the reigning Circa Sports Million champion, and Michael “MYCOOL” Sax, one of the Circa Survivor winners from last year.

The day ended with my regular 12:15 a.m. ET/9:15 p.m. PT spot on “The Greg Peterson Experience” as I stayed around for the live broadcast in the VSiN Studio adjacent to the Circa sportsbook as we recapped Sunday’s betting action and looked ahead with picks on Monday Night Football and NFL Week 6.

So, let’s do that again here as we do daily in this space. And let’s also take a peek in Contest Corner at how the contestants are faring in this season’s big Vegas contests.

Sunday’s Recaps

NFL: Ravens (3-point home favorites) beat Bengals 19-17 on Sunday Night Football, but did NOT cover. Faves went 9-4 SU on Sunday with 1 pick-’em (Titans-Commanders), but dogs led 8-5 ATS. Home teams went 7-6 SU with 1 neutral-site game (Giants-Packers in London), but road teams led 8-5 ATS. Unders led 8-6.

More NFL: Including the London game, faves went 6-3 SU in early games with TEN-WAS closing PK, but dogs led 5-4 ATS. The outright upsets were by the Giants (+ 8 vs. Packers), Texans (+ 7 at Jaguars) and Jets (+ 3 vs. MIA). The Bears (+ 8.5 at MIN) and Falcons (+ 10 at Buccaneers) covered in SU losses. Home teams went 6-3 SU, but road teams led 5-4 ATS. Over/Unders split 5-5.

Even more NFL: Faves went 2-1 SU in the afternoon games, but dogs led 2-1 ATS as the Cardinals (+ 5) covered in 20-17 loss vs. Eagles. The Cowboys (+ 5) upset the Rams 22-10 while the 49ers (-6) covered in 37-15 win at Panthers. Road teams a perfect 3-0 SU in the afternoon, but home teams led 2-1 ATS. Unders led 2-1.

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