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Will Levis has middle finger bent sideways, flips off referee with it

The Kentucky Wildcats starting quarterback has a bigger issue than the safety his offense just conceded.

Kentucky Wildcats quarterback Will Levis throws a pass during the first quarter against the Northern Illinois Huskies at Kroger Field. Jordan Prather-USA TODAY Sports

Kentucky Wildcats quarterback Will Levis is a right-handed thrower. That’s good because his left hand is in a bad way right now.

Levis appeared to suffer a dislocated left middle finger during the second quarter of Saturday’s game vs. Ole Miss. The injury was quite evident.

Here’s video of Levis letting the official know he’s got a small issue with his non-throwing hand presently.

ESPN reported that trainers on Kentucky’s sideline righted the wayward digit. Levis was able to return for Kentucky’s next offensive possession, but ESPN’s Molly McGrath added that besides the finger ailment, Levis is also dealing with a left ankle injury.

At the time of his finer injury, Levis had completed only three of six passes for 44 yards, leading the Wildcats to only six points through the first 20 minutes of the showdown between two top-15 teams.

The Wildcats trail Mississippi 19-6 with four minutes remaining until halftime.