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When is the 2022 Pro Bowl Skills Challenge?

We take a look at the schedule for the 2022 Pro Bowl.

Pittsburgh Steelers defensive tackle Cameron Hayward and Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson during the dodgeball competition at the Pro Bowl Skills Showdown at ESPN Wide World of Sports. Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Pro Bowl Skills challenge is arguably the most fun part of the NFL’s annual all-star event and it’s taking place on Thursday and can be seen on ESPN.

Nobody really pays attention to the game itself, but the Skills Challenge gives NFL players the opportunity to show off their absurd talents in a unique toned-down setting that really puts in perspective just how insanely athletic the players are compared to the average human.

NFL superstars will compete in many different drills. The Precision Passing drill pairs QBs and WRs together. The Thread the Needle challenge tasks QBs to hit the most targets against the opposing league’s best defensive backs. The Best Catch competition, which is new this season, will take two WRs from each league and have them face off in a battle of creativity and talent. The fastest man competition is just what it says it is, a test to determine the fastest man there. It’s a classic 40-yard dash and skill players from both leagues will compete against each other. The final event is probably the most unique, the Epic Pro Bowl Dodgeball event. Every player on each team participates in this massive game of dodgeball. It’s a best of three series with ultimate bragging rights on the line.

The challenges will take place out in Las Vegas and will be aired on ESPN on Thursday at 7 p.m. EST.