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Announcers and viewing options for 49ers vs. Rams in NFC Championship

We take a look at the broadcast schedule for the 49ers-Rams NFC Championship and who will be calling the game.

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The Championship round of the 2022 NFL Playoffs will wrap up Sunday night in a big divisional matchup between the San Francisco 49ers and the Los Angeles Rams. Kick off is slated for 6:30 P.M. EST. The game will be aired on Fox. Joe Buck and Troy Aikman will be in the booth with Erin Andrews and Tom Rinaldi providing reporting and commentary from the sidelines.

49ers vs. Rams announcers

Buck has been with Fox since 1994. He’s their leading NFL broadcaster and it’s been that way for some time. He is also their leading MLB broadcaster as well. Aikman, who retired form the NFL back in 2001, joined Fox right after announcing his retirement. The two have commentated together for close to 20 years.

Andrews has spent time at ESPN before moving to Fox. She’s been the lead sideline reporter for Fox’s broadcasts since 2014. After 18 years at ESPN, Rinaldi announced he would be going to Fox to work across all their sporting events.