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Every episode of the Josh Appelbaum VSiN Market Insights Podcast and how to listen & download

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VSiN host Josh Appelbaum
Josh Appelbaum, host of the VSiN Market Insights Podcast

The VSiN Market Insights podcast features Josh Appelbaum, author of “The Everything Guide To Sports Betting,” and an analyst for VSiN, The Sports Betting Network.

Josh is a data-driven contrarian sports bettor and he shares this approach to wagering in the Market Insights podcast, posted weekdays by Noon ET.

“To make sports betting a successful and sustainable endeavor, you need to pick a strategy and stick with it,” Josh says. “If you just chase what’s hot, bet against whatever is cold and don’t have a solid and consistent overarching philosophy or plan, you might as well be flipping a coin.”

Being a contrarian bettor means betting against the “average Joes” who pick games based on gut instinct, bias and rarely win.

Josh believes that contrarian betting, also known as betting against the public, is a sound betting strategy for one simple reason: More often than not, the public loses.

One key to contrarian betting is knowing which side the public is on: VSiN has exclusive betting data from DraftKings Sportsbook that shows the percentages of money and tickets bet on sides, spreads and totals.

Josh also hosts Betting Across America with former NFL wide receiver Mike Pritchard on VSiN from 3-4 p.m. ET weekdays. You can listen live HERE.

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