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Cam Akers fumble costs first half over bettors in Rams-Bucs

That’s just a brutal beat for 1H over bettors, or a great finish for 1H under bettors.

The old football cliche is that it is a game of inches. On Sunday in the NFC Divisional round matchup between the Rams and Buccaneers, that was never more true. The Rams led 20-3 and were cruising down the field in the closing seconds of the first half. They were likely to convert a field goal at the very least to build on their lead. However, running back Cam Akers lost control of the ball as he was nearing the end zone.

Upon review, the officials ruled he fumbled the ball and the Bucs had a clean recovery.

It cost the Rams, although they still hold a comfortable lead heading into the third quarter. More painfully, however, was the situation for total bettors. The first half over/under was either 23.5 or 24.0 at most sportsbooks, including DraftKings Sportsbook. By fumbling the ball, Akers cost over bettors and saved under bettors. Football and betting are truly games of inches.