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Portland State head coach offering free beer to anyone that buys a game ticket

The Vikings of the Big Sky Conference are 0-2 this season, but that isn’t stopping their head coach from finding ways to draw fans.

Portland State Vikings helmets sit during a game against the Washington State Cougars in the second half at Gesa Field at Martin Stadium.  James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

Portland State head football coach Bruce Barnum wants fans to be at the home opener for the Vikings on Saturday. And he’s willing to bribe them with one of the staples of the Portland region that everyone seems to agree is one of the best things they have going.

Barnum will buy you a beer if you go to Western Oregon vs. Portland State on Saturday at 2:00 p.m. PT.

Appearing on Pac-12 provocateur John Canzano’s radio show in Portland Tuesday, and Barnum made the offer without any prodding from one of the west coast sports media’s biggest prodders.

“I’ve got a deal for you,” Barnum announced, “anybody who heard me on your show... just say ‘I heard Barney on the BFT’ at the Barney Beer Garden and I’ll buy your beer.

“I’m not buying your ticket, but I’ll buy your beer.”

How many beers?

Said Barney: “All of them.”

The Vikings averaged a bit over 4,000 fans per game in their last season with home attendance in 2019, but we could see that skyrocket on Saturday. Let’s hope one of Portland’s famous breweries donates some kegs to help defray some of the cost.

Both Oregon and Oregon State are home on Saturday as well, but let’s hope some locals stay behind instead of making the drive to Eugene or Corvallis on Saturday. And let’s also hope they don’t drive home from the game.