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Antonio Gibson losing touches to J.D. McKissic in Week 2 vs. Giants

Washington RB Antonio Gibson starting to lose snaps as their matchup with the Giants continues.

Washington Football Team running back Antonio Gibson (24) catches a pass during training camp at Bon Secours Washington Football Team Training Center.  Scott Taetsch-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATE: Gibson did return to the field, but McKissic continued to see good run in the hurry up offense. It appears that, at least for this game, he is the preferred receiving and pass protection back. That’s not great news for Gibson, but, in the end it will come down to game script. Gibson is still the lead back and he’ll get targets, but will come off the field for stretches when the team is in hurry up and not subbing skill players in and out of the game.

There is also good news about his overall usage as a receiver, as his routes run is up from last season.

I’m still on board with Gibson as a fantasy player. We saw him put up good numbers last season under similar conditions, so if your league mate is ready to trade, give it a go.

Washington Football Team running back Antonio Gibson hasn’t been getting much work after ceding time to J.D. McKissic in the 2-minute drill before halftime. McKissic ended up scoring form two yards out before halftime.

Gibson has seven carries for 28 yards and two receptions for four yards. To start the game he was the main back without any question, but in the hurry up offense, he was leapfrogged by McKissic. McKissic’s strong play on that drive may have given Ron Rivera the feeling that McKissic was the hot hand and that he should roll with him coming out of halftime.

Gibson should get more work moving forward, as there are no reports of an injury and he hasn’t appeared injured after any plays in this game. It’s not great for fantasy right now, but he’s the lead back and will return. And if he doesn’t break off a good fantasy game toward the end of this matchup, throw out some trade offers.