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Yes, that was a fire alarm that went off during the Peyton Manning-Eli Manning MNF broadcast

This was just about a perfect way to close out the second quarter of the Manning-cast.

The Las Vegas Raiders and Baltimore Ravens aren’t exactly putting on a show, but brothers Peyton and Eli Manning are doing a great job with their alternate broadcast. They’ve provided insight and some comedy, and they’re offering a new way to view football.

It’s been a bit of a raw broadcast in production, and that went so far as to have a fire alarm going off in the middle of their conversation with Ray Lewis late in the second quarter of the game.

It would appear the alarm went off in Eli’s place because Peyton called him out asking him what he’s done. Of course, given the way brothers can be, it could be at Peyton’s place and he’s shifting the blame to Eli. Neither would surprise me.

Regardless, the alternate broadcast with the Manning brothers has been an absolute delight. They’re doing this for nine more games after this week, and this is the kind of thing that will draw me in. I’ll be watching Monday Night Football regardless, but normally I have the game on mute. Broadcasts can be helpful, but oftentimes they can be rather dull affairs. This Manning-cast is anything but that!