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Cat survives fall at Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium, immediately becomes team’s new cultural symbol [VIDEO]

They don’t say “cats have nine lives” for no reason.

Update September 13 4:20 p.m. This was too good to not be added here.

Update 9:58 p.m. We found a new camera angle. It’s still as crazy, and the Canes fans celebrating the cat running make it even better.

The Miami Hurricanes might have to retire the famed “turnover chain” for a new team symbol, the #HardRockCat.

There’s a lot of stuff going on here, but let’s start with the feline. It’s apparently attempting to climb around a ledge of the roof of the stadium, but fails to get over and is now hanging on by a cable. There’s a group of fans who have unfurled an American flag hoping to catch the cat if it does fall.

Ultimately, the cat does all it can to hang onto the cable before letting gravity do its thing. The falling feline, miraculously, lands exactly on the American flag but the fans holding the edges don’t maintain their grip and the cat falls through the makeshift cushion and into the alley. But fear not folks.

The cat survives the fall and gets a standing ovation as it is presented to the rest of the stadium like Simba in the Lion King. The fans are going nuts over their new team rallying symbol, but the cat couldn’t care less as it tries to fight off the fan holding it. The fan decides he’s had enough and pawns off the responsibility to some other bystanders.

No word yet on whether the #HardRockCat has officially been adopted by the team, but expect a statement soon. Maybe he/she can chase down the rats of the Florida Panthers during the offseason too!