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Why are John Cena and Roman Reigns meeting at SummerSlam?

This colossal clash will main event the show.

Wrestling: WWE-Money in the Bank Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Roman vs. John Cena in the main event of SummerSlam. Not much more needs to be said about this titanic clash of the two dominant forces of the WWE over the last 15 years.

The Universal Champion Reigns has spent the past year having the best run of his career as the top dog on Friday Night Smackdown while Cena waited for the moment live crowds returned to re-emerge in the square circle. Now he’s targeting Reigns and his championship with the hopes of notching an unprecedented 17th world title reign in Las Vegas.

Why are they fighting?

Storyline perspective

Returning from a hiatus at last year’s SummerSlam, Roman Reigns quickly acquired the WWE Universal championship and has laid waste to everything in his path ever since.

Adopting a heel persona for the first time in his singles career, the Tribal Chief has dismantled the likes of Kevin Owens, Daniel Bryan, Cesaro, Edge, and others on his way to being the dominant force of WWE.

Enter John Cena, who after a year-and-a-half long hiatus shocked fans with a surprise return at SummerSlam and quickly made his intentions known that he wanted Reigns in Las Vegas for the belt. First being rebuffed by the Big Dog, Cena managed to finagle his way into the match and set in stone the epic clash at Allegiant Stadium.

Real life perspective

This is another chance for Roman to flex his chops as the top guy in the company in a big match on a big stage like SummerSlam at Allegiant Stadium. There’s a thought that he’ll eventually transition into movies like his cousin Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, so the more big-time matchups you can feature him in while he’s here, the better.

And of course with Cena, a 17th world title would cement him as arguably the greatest top draw that has ever stepped foot in the company. One would imagine that he doesn’t have too many of these marquee matches left in him, so might as well cement his legacy with one final run with a world title.


John Cena

This match is going at least 25 minutes with all the bells and whistles of what should be a match of the year candidate. In the end, Cena ends the show hoisting the belt with adoring fans cheering him.