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Predictions for DraftKings Sportsbook’s $25,000 SummerSlam Roman Reigns vs. John Cena Pool

It’s the first of two chances to win up to $25,000 from DraftKings Sportsbook on the biggest match from the biggest show of the summer.

Wrestling: WWE-Money in the Bank Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The stage is set for the showcase event of the summer in Las Vegas, and you win can win up to $25,000 with DraftKings Sportsbook’s $25,000 player pool for WWE SummerSlam.

10 matches are set for the Saturday night spectacle at Allegiant Stadium but only one match is the focus of the pool and that’s the epic main event clash between WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns and John Cena.

These two men are the pillars of their respective eras and while they have met before in the past, this encounter is worthy of a full NFL stadium bearing witness to it. Either Reigns will continue his year-long dominance as the top dog on Smackdown or Cena will surpass Ric Flair for a 17th world title reign.

You can enter the free-to-play pool here, and we make a few predictions for what we think might happen below.

Who will win?

Roman Reigns
John Cena

I see Cena making history here by hoisting a world title belt for a record 17th time to close the show Saturday. Reigns has dominated everyone on Smackdown since returning at last year’s SummerSlam and this could be the first time we’ll see him come up short in that span. Besides, he could just get his title back in a rematch during the Sep. 10 episode of Smackdown at Madison Square Garden. But for now, it’s Cena’s time to get one last run in the spotlight.

Method of victory


Who will have the first pinfall attempt?


How many people will physically interfere on Reigns’ behalf?

2 or more

Prime spot for The Usos to interfere on behalf of their cousin.

How many people will physically interfere on Cena’s behalf?

2 or more

To counter the Usos, this a prime spot for the Mysterios and a conspicuously absent from the card Finn Balor to even the odds.

Will a foreign object be used by Reigns or Cena?


What move will be successfully performed first?

Attitude Adjustment

These big-time matchups usually feature plenty of finishers and subsequent kickouts and I expect Reigns to nail his first.

How many Attitude Adjustments will be successfully hit?

Over 1.5
Under 1.5

The story is Cena surviving until the very end, so I expect his one and only AA to be the one that does the trick.

How many Spears will be successfully hit by Reigns?

Over 1.5
Under 1.5

Will Big E cash in the Money in the Bank briefcase for the Universal Title?