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Bryson DeChambeau hits 480-yard drive during The Match, Aaron Rodgers goes 438 [VIDEO]

The severe drop-off and thin air on the signature hole of the course made for some fun viewing.

Aaron Rodgers reacts to his shot on the third tee during Capital One’s The Match at The Reserve at Moonlight Basin on July 06, 2021 in Big Sky, Montana. Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images for The Match

The Par 5 eighth hole at Moonlight Basin plays 777 yards from the tips, and gave a tremendous opportunity for Bryson DeChambeau to show off his freakish length to the casual golf fan. 480 from the tips, anyone?

Bryson put one in the rough, but way down the hill in the thin air of Big Sky, Montana (elevation 7,500 feet). His opponent Phil Mickelson got all of it too, but ended up in a bunker to the right of the fairway.

After Tom Brady shanked his drive left from the “closer” tee that played only 677 yards for the two quarterbacks, Aaron Rodgers smoked a low draw bomb that did find the rough, but only after some preposterous role for a 438-yard heater.

The hole has a total of a 280 foot elevation drop from the tips to the green. After Rodgers drive in the alternate shot format, DeChambeau hit an 8-iron into the green that did come up short and landed in a bunker.

DeChambeau did hit a 384-yard drive at Torrey Pines last month during the US Open, and averages 321.9 per boomstick on the PGA Tour. But the 100-yard handicap meant they played Rodgers ball anyway.