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Rookie tight end dynasty rankings for 2021 fantasy football

Tight ends have good upside if you can catch that breakout player. Who has the most dynasty upside heading into the 2021 season?

Is Kyle Pitts going to be a game breaker in 2021?

The 2021 NFL draft has sailed into the sunset and left us to sort through the fantasy implications. There was one clear number one tight end, and that was Florida’s Kyle Pitts, who went fourth overall to the Atlanta Falcons. I’ve hemmed and hawed on him being my No. 1 dynasty rookie, but he is certainly in the running.

Pitts, if he can even come close to expectations, will be a difference maker on any fantasy team. We know how rare a player like Travis Kelce is in fantasy. That kind of advantage in head-to-head matchups is worth. If you had Kelce or Darren Waller last season, you were at a distinct advantage, as nobody came close to them.

Like all tight ends, Pitts will have a steeper learning NFL curve than his running back and wide receiver counterparts, but in dynasty, his longterm upside is worth taking the risk on a slow start to his career.

The only other tight end that looks poised to be a starter sooner than later is Pat Freiermuth, who landed on the Pittsburgh Steelers. He will compete with Eric Ebron to start, but Ebron will be a free agent next year. Ebron is also a walking drop machine and Freiermuth is known for his hands. He won’t be as dynamic as Ebron, but the Steelers don’t need a fourth wide receiver, they need a solid first down maker and blocker at the position. Freiermuth can do just that.

There are plenty of tight ends who could eventually make their way into a useful fantasy role, but they aren’t going to show themselves soon. But Kyle Granson is a player who landed in a good spot for his ability. Granson can be a field-stretcher, as he plays a lot like a wide receiver. He’s not going to be a strong blocker, but the Colts usage of tight ends can help a player like Granson get on the field sooner than in other offenses. We can’t expect quick fantasy relevance, but he’s landed in the right spot.

Dynasty Rookie Tight End Rankings

Rank Player Age Team
Rank Player Age Team
1 Kyle Pitts 20 ATL
2 Pat Freiermuth 22 PIT
3 Kylen Granson 23 IND
4 Brevin Jordan 21 HOU
5 Jacob Harris 24 LAR
6 Zack Davidson 23 MIN