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The trash talk for The Match: Mickelson & Brady vs. DeChambeau & Rodgers is wonderful

Who knew golf was better played on social media?

Will Aaron Rodgers defeat Tom Brady on the biggest stage?

With the announcement of The Match IV: Phil Mickelson and Tom Brady vs. Bryson DeChambeau and Aaron Rodgers today, we thought a bit of smack talk might be in the offing.

We got way, way more than a bit.

It started with the only seven-time Super Bowl winning quarterback just getting off these SCUD’s, courtesy of his social media staffers that are usually pretty good at this.

But then a fifth man ran in from Gorilla Position, and threw the tag-team match into chaos.

If you’re unfamiliar with the context, perhaps you don’t use social media or have been in isolation as of late. Suffice it to say the four-time major winner and two-time PGA Champ Koepka isn’t a huge fan of DeChambeau’s, ahem, different personality. Or his metal spikes on cement in the middle of a television interview.

But it merely opened up a window for FIGJAM to fire another shot.


And then here comes Brooks off the top rope with what might be his finishing maneuver:

And as far as Rodgers, we’ve heard nary a peep from him just as we really haven’t regarding his contract dispute with the Green Bay Packers.

But it’s setting up where the off-course drama and trash talk could be more fun than the actual competition in Big Sky, Montana on July 6th. And maybe that’s not the worst thing for the game of golf, or the charities benefitting from this event.

Update: Aaron Rodgers has entered the chat. The for-now Packers QB posted some retaliation to Brady’s memage from earlier in the day with this beaut inspired by Return of the Jedi.