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AD gets flagrant after kicking Jae Crowder in mid-section [VIDEO]

Lakers PF was fouled by Crowder but got the last laugh with an inadvertent kick to the groin area.

Anthony Davis of the Los Angeles Lakers shoots a free-throw shot against the Phoenix Suns during the first half of Game One of the Western Conference first-round playoff series at Phoenix Suns Arena on May 23, 2021 in Phoenix, Arizona.  Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Well, the Los Angeles Lakers-Phoenix Suns game got off to an interesting start. Suns PF Jae Crowder picked up two early fouls and another present to go with it. Lakers PF Anthony Davis was fouled by Crowder and then got an inadvertent kick to the mid-section as well. AD extended the foot and kicked Crowder right in the jewels. Check this out and I’m sorry in advance.

So Crowder got the shooting foul and AD was assessed a flagrant 1 as a result of the follow-through. Davis missed the free throw because balls don’t lie. Sorry, everyone was using that joke and I have absolutely no shame. It was sort of a scummy move by Davis. If you watch the replay, really, there’s no reason for the kicking motion. Crowder is a feisty veteran defender and all, plus these two faced each other in the NBA Finals in 2020. Maybe there’s a little bit of animosity there, but who knows.

The kick really delayed the start of the game and now we’re in another slugfest with the two teams failing to score points early on. We’re three minutes into the game and there’s been a lot of fouls and not a lot of points. We’re almost four minutes into the first and it’s still only 6-6.

Crowder getting the early fouls means we’ll see more Dario Saric at forward, which should give the Lakers an advantage. Davis remains in the game with two fouls now as well, which could make things interesting.