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Updated look at 2021 NBA Draft Lottery odds following tiebreakers

The NBA held tiebreakers on Tuesday and decided a few spots for the pre-draft lottery order.

Kiki VanDeWeghe, Executive Vice President of Basketball Operations for the NBA, speaks to the room during the 2018 NBA Draft Lottery at the Palmer House Hotel on May 15, 2018 in Chicago Illinois.  Photo by Randy Belice/NBAE via Getty Images

The 2021 NBA Draft Lottery will take place on Tuesday, June 22 at 8:30 p.m. ET. Since some teams finished the season with the same record, the League has to do tiebreakers to determine the final pre-draft lottery order. The NBA announced the results of tiebreakers on Tuesday, May 25 and here is a look at the final pre-draft lottery order with odds to get the No. 1 overall picks for each team.

The tiebreakers were between the Cavs and Thunder in the 4th slot, which OKC won. The other tiebreaker was between the Bulls, Kings and Pelicans, which Chicago won followed by SacTown and NOLA. The other lottery tiebreaker was between the Hornets and Spurs for No. 11, which Charlotte won. Here’s the full list with odds and implications.

2021 NBA Draft Lottery order and odds

  1. Houston Rockets (14 percent)
  2. Detroit Pistons (14 percent)
  3. Orlando Magic (14 percent)
  4. Oklahoma City Thunder (11.5 percent)
  5. Cleveland Cavaliers (11.5 percent)
  6. Minnesota Timberwolves (goes to GSW if not top-3) (9.0 percent)
  7. Toronto Raptors (7.5 percent)
  8. Chicago Bulls (goes to ORL if not top-4) (4.5 percent)
  9. Sacramento Kings (4.5 percent)
  10. New Orleans Pelicans (4.5 percent)
  11. Charlotte Hornets (1.8 percent)
  12. San Antonio Spurs (1.7 percent)
  13. Indiana Pacers (1.0 percent)
  14. Golden State Warriors (0.5 percent)