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Bob Baffert has been caught cheating again, and Twitter has opinions

The best tweets about the man that’s been caught with his hands on the pharmacology more than the reins for years.

Bob Baffert the trainer of Medina Spirit talks to the media during the training for the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs on April 29, 2021 in Louisville, Kentucky. Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Bob Baffert’s resume is unquestioned. Just in the Triple Crown races, he’s won six Kentucky Derbies, seven Preakness Stakes, and three Belmont Stakes. He’s trained two Triple Crown winners. And that’s before the Breeder’s Cup and international wins that have given his barns well over $320 million in career purse earnings.

But let’s face it, he’s straining credulity at this point. His last Triple Crown winner in Justify probably shouldn’t have been able to race. He got suspended by the state of Arkansas last year for the same shenanigans. The name of one of those horses? Charlatan. Your editor would throw that first draft in the trash for being too much.

And now Medina Spirit, the 2021 Kentucky Derby winner, is likely going to be the second horse ever to have his victory vacated at Churchill Downs because of a post-race failed drug test.

Baffert is a 2009 member of the Horse Racing Hall of Fame, but should he be? That museum is in Saratoga, New York and we can think of a few people a few hamlets over in Cooperstown that aren’t in another Hall of Fame due to very similar infractions.

Below are some of the best tweets we saw dragging a man that has failed once again to live up to the standards of his sport. Allegedly.

We’re getting these in now, because he also has the top two horses via the morning line odds for Saturday’s Preakness Stakes in Baltimore. Medina Spirit is the 9-5 favorite, while Baffert’s Concert Tour is listed at 5-2 from the tenth gate.