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The WNBA has new jerseys and people really like them

Each team got three new jerseys, and as the kids say, they are so clean.

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WNBA’s Chicago Sky

The WNBA released a wide selection of new jerseys today, and they’re a hit with social media and fans right away.

There’s three versions for each team: The Heroine Edition, Explorer Edition, and Rebel Edition. And they all look really, really sharp. This is one of the best league-wide releases you’ll ever see, and people are clamoring for them on social media. You can pick up some of them right from the Nike Store online here.

This will be the 25th Anniversary season for the W, and the quality of play and interest in the league has never been higher. You can’t even buy the league logo shirt and hoodie right now because it’s sold out everywhere, and NBA players wearing them has only helped give rise to the visibility of the merch in the WNBA as well.

We’ve got videos accompanying the jersey releases too, and we’ll post those here as we see them.

Indiana Fever

Minnesota Lynx

Phoenix Mercury

Seattle Storm

Chicago Sky

LA Sparks

You can also watch some of the league’s superstars opening their new threads here.