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The elite golfers of The Masters and their WWE equivalents

We took the best players on the PGA Tour, and paired them up with their equivalent in the squared circle.

This may come as a to shock you, but professional golfers and professional wrestlers aren’t really that similar. The center circle in the WWE/PGA Venn diagram is pretty small. The biggest thing they likely have in common is that they both have to hit the road and make towns. The guys on the independent circuit live gig-to-gig and travel light, while the big stars travel in tricked-out busses and charter planes.

Beyond the travel, there aren’t many similarities on the surface. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t individual athletes with similar careers. And with Wrestlemania 37 and The Masters taking place the same weekend, it’s time to have some fun.

Whether you are a big golf fan who wants to peek over at Wrestlemania since it comes with your Peacock subscription, or you’re a pro wrestling fan looking to watch the final round at Augusta to pass time before Night Two of Wrestlemania, we’ve put together a few comparisons to help you understand some of the players on each side.

All images courtesy of Varnadore Photography.

Dustin Johnson is Randy Orton

Both men possess prodigious talent that showed itself at a young age. Not the most charismatic guys on the microphone, both guys let their actions do the talking. They’re both probably a little underrated by the fans in spite of the fact that they have been near the top of their profession for a long time. Each man has also had to face some demons throughout their careers, and Randy Orton will be facing another one this year as he takes on The Fiend at Wrestlemania 37.

Bryson DeChambeau is Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins has always thought of himself as a master strategist. He’s referred to himself as the “Architect” due to his high-level cerebral game. More recently, Rollins has referred to himself as the Monday Night Messiah. He claimed he was on Monday Night Raw to lead the show to prosperity and help others see the light. So we have a major talent that thinks he is smarter than everybody else while constantly proselytizing that his way is the best way. Sounds familiar.

Jon Rahm is Cesaro

Both men are big, strong competitors hailing from Europe. They have also experienced a lot of career success however the big one, a major for Rahm and the WWE Championship for Cesaro, has eluded them both to this point. But that could very well change for both in 2021.

Jordan Spieth is Drew McIntyre

Spieth and McIntyre both began their careers with a ton of promise. Spieth won 11 PGA tournaments and three majors before his 24th birthday. When he was 24, McIntyre was called the “Chosen One” and a future world champion by none other than Vince McMahon.

Unfortunately both men hit some roadblocks after that early success. McIntyre would go on to do little in his first run and was fired. After winning The Open Championship in 2017, Spieth would go winless for nearly four years. But both men have seen a resurgence in their careers, with Spieth winning last week and McIntyre coming back to WWE and winning the WWE Championship. With Spieth in the Masters and McIntyre having a WWE title match at Wrestlemania 37, both men have a great opportunity to add another chapter to their redemption story this weekend.

Patrick Reed is The Miz

There are certain guys that just embrace the role of the heel. Guys that don’t mind being hated. Nobody is better at being hated in their respected sports than Patrick Reed and The Miz. Both guys have overcome some early career mistakes (Reed was kicked off the University of Georgia golf team for off-the-course issues; Miz was on The Real World and had this look) to establish themselves as legit contenders.

Neither one cares if they have to repeatedly cheat to win, and both guys have gotten a helping hand from their wives. Reed’s wife Justine was once his caddy for an extended period while the Miz was accompanied to the ring by his wife Maryse. You may not like either one of these guys, but you can’t take your eyes off of them. Seriously, don’t take your eyes off them. They will likely bust out the foot wedge or an eye rake if you do.

Tiger Woods is Ric Flair

Arguably the greatest of all time in their respective sports, both men are also known for their escapades away from the course and the ring. And the mystique both men have around them and their names make them synonymous with their sports.

You can argue both are the best to ever do it, with their dominance being as much a part of their persona as their raw talent. There was also no one that could fill a gallery or an arena like the two of them.

But at least as a youngster, we saw an at-least publicly humble Woods. That’s something we never got out of the Nature Boy.

Phil Mickelson is the Macho Man

Never quite the number one guy, but always near the top. At the height of their respective careers, both Mickelson and Mach were good for a quote and could carry the business for short periods of time. Both played in eras where they were outshone by a transcendent star, but they still made their mark. Neither guy will ever probably be in GOAT discussions, but they are both some of the most memorable guys of their generations.

And they’re both the favorite of plenty of fans in their respective professions.