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Best bets for position Eagles take in 1st round of 2021 NFL Draft

We break down the odds for what position the Eagles will draft in the first round

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The Philadelphia Eagles appeared set for a good run with Carson Wentz as their quarterback, but as thing often do, they fell apart. Now the Eagles are at a crossroads and there is no devil waiting there offering Aaron Rodgers for their soul. With the 12th overall pick, they’ll have numerous options, but none that feel close to locks.

Check out the odds and info provided by DraftKings Sportsbook.


Cornerback +150
Wide Receiver +170
Offensive Lineman +600
Defensive Lineman +1000
Quarterback +1000
Linebacker +1100
Tight End +2500
Safety +5000
Running Back +6600
Kicker/Punter/Long Snapper +50000

Best bets

Cornerback +150

If you look at player odds, CBs Jaycee Horn and Patrick Surtain and WR Jaylen Waddle are the favorites to go to the Eagles at +300. You can see how that translates to cornerback and then wide receiver landing as the favorites for this position wager. But, even at +150, that’s not an awful return for the favorite and shows you how uncertain this pick really is.

The Eagles have gone all in on wide receivers the last two seasons and haven’t had a whole lot of return. They may have learned their lesson there or they may triple down, as they do need to get it right. Most of the talking heads you run into have the Eagles going with a wide receiver. But the majority of mock drafts have the Eagles grabbing CB Jaycee Horn after CB Patrick Surtain is taken by the Cowboys. The question is, will one of Jaylen Waddle or DeVonta Smith even be there for them to pick? The consensus mock draft has the Top 3 wide receivers gone already.

But, the longshot that will get the most talk is quarterback. The Eagles won’t commit to Jalen Hurts and there is a slim chance the Eagles find themselves in a position to trade up for one. But that is truly slim after they traded back to No. 12 earlier this offseason.

In the end, I think they go cornerback first and draft a receiver, offensive lineman, and developmental quarterback later in the draft.