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2021 NFL Draft trade tracker

We track each trade in the 2021 NFL Draft in real time.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell announces the final pick of the 2021 NFL Draft for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at First Energy Stadium. Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The 2021 NFL Draft begins Thursday, April 29th and will run through May 1st as NFL franchises navigate through seven rounds of picks to continue in their task to build the ultimate NFL franchise.

It’s a hectic event, and there’s a lot to keep track of, so here we’ll be tracking each trade leading up to and during the 2021 NFL Draft. It will take years to full evaluate how good or bad these trades turn around, but we all need to know right away what it means.

We’re going to see plenty of 2021 picks moved, and there will be some 2022 picks mixed in as well. A first-round in a future year gets discounted for the current year, so usually if you want a 2022 first, it only takes a 2021 second. Of course, there is also some talk that 2022 picks are more valuable due to a full year of football removed from the COVID-19 pandemic. It should make for an interesting wrinkle in trades during the 2021 NFL Draft.

First round trades

Cowboys trade: No. 10
Eagles trade: No. 12, No. 84

Giants trade: Pick 11
Bears trade: Pick 20, 164, 2022 first-round pick and 2022 fourth-round pick.

Jets trade: No. 23, No. 66, No. 86
Vikings trade: No. 14, No. 143t

Second round trades

Falcons trade: No. 35, No. 219
Broncos trade: No. 40, No. 114

Bengals trade: No. 38
Patriots trade: No. 46, No. 122, No. 139

Panthers trade No. 39, No. 151
Bears trade: No. 52, No. 83, No. 204

Giants trade: No. 42
Dolphins trade: No. 50, 2022 third-round pick

49ers trade: No. 43, No. 230
Raiders trade: No. 48, No. 121

Panthers trade: No. 52, No. 113
Browns trade: No. 59, No. 89

Third round trades

Eagles trade: No. 70
Panthers trade: No. 73, No. 191

Broncos trade: No. 71
Giants trade: No. 76, No. 164

Broncos trade: 76
Saints trade: 98, 105

Titans trade: No. 85
Packers trade: No. 92, 135

Rams trade: No. 88
49ers trade: No. 117, No. 121

Panthers trade: No. 89
Texans trade: No. 109, No. 158, 2022 4th round pick

Fourth round trades

Panthers trade: No. 109
Titans trade: No. 126, No. 166, No. 232

Browns trade: No. 113, No. 257
Lions trade: No. 153, 2022 4th round pick

Rams trade: No. 121, No. 209
Jaguars trade: No. 130, No. 170, No. 249

Seahawks trade: No. 129
Bucs trade: No. 137, No. 217

Ravens trade: No. 136
Cardinals trade: No. 160, 2022 4th round pick

Jets trade: No. 143
Raiders trade: No. 162, No. 200

Fifth round trades

Dolphins trade: No. 156
Steelers trade: 2022 4th round pick

Jets trade: No. 162, No. 226
Chiefs trade: No. 175, No. 207

Rams trade: No 170
Texans trade: No. 174, No. 233

Sixth round trades

Colts trade: No. 206
Saints trade: No. 218, No. 229

Bears trade: No. 208
Seahawks trade: No. 217, No. 250

Eagles trade: No. 225, No. 240
Washington trade: 2022 fifth-rounder