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Dyami Brown NFL Draft scouting report and fantasy football profile

The 2021 NFL Draft will feature a host of offensive skill position talent. We break down Dyami Brown with a scouting report and fantasy football projection.

North Carolina Tar Heels receiver Dyami Brown reacts after a catch against the North Carolina State Wolfpack during the first half at Carter-Finley Stadium.  Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Only a few wideouts in the 2021 draft class are considered to have star talent, but there are also plenty of capable pass catchers who will be taken in the second and third rounds. North Carolina’s Dyami Brown is a player who could wow spectators at the next level, and he showcased his ability to make big plays quite a bit in college. Brown improved his reception and receiving yards totals with each collegiate season and finished with career highs of 55 receptions and 1,099 receiving yards in his junior year. He averaged more than 20 yards per catch in each of his last two seasons with the Tar Heels.

Scouting Report

Brown’s YPC average shows that he’s an elite downfield threat, and he was asked to get vertical a ton during his final two seasons at North Carolina. He has a great release and is able to find the gaps in a secondary well. However, Brown’s route tree seems limited. He also needs to work on being more physical when pressed at the line of scrimmage. He won’t get clean releases at the next level on every snap.

—’s Lance Zierlien

Mock Draft landing spots

Brown isn’t a regular on most mock drafts but is projected to come off the board in the second or third round. He’s very unlikely to creep into the first round regardless of how much his draft stock improves ahead of draft day. He’s not a lock to be a Week 1 starter but could become one at some point during his rookie campaign.

Fantasy impact: Rookie year

Brown’s might not even be a top-three option for the team that drafts him, so he probably won’t have a very impactful year unless injuries thrust him into the spotlight, His ability to rack up chunk yardage on big plays down the field could help him make up for what he’ll lack in targets, but don’t expect him to be a consistent force throughout the year.

Fantasy impact: Career

Brown is kind of a one-trick pony right now, but that doesn't mean he can’t develop and raise his ceiling. He has more explosiveness than other tall, vertical threats and could use his speed to become a more well-rounded wideout down the road. Even if he maximizes his skills, Brown might not ever be more than a WR2 in the pros.