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NFL encourages COVID-19 vaccinations for players, mandates for employees

NFL teams to encourage players to get COVID-19 vaccines.

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The NFL has informed teams that they want to make a push to get players and personnel vaccinated for COVID-19 in a recent memo. The memo includes mandatory vaccinations for “Tier 1 and 2 employees other than players unless they have a bona fide medical or religious grounds for not doing so.”

The NFL and NFLPA would have to agree to a vaccine mandate for players, but the NFL will have teams “report on a weekly basis the number of employees who have been vaccinated.” As the percentage of vaccinated employees goes up, the NFL will negotiate with the NFLPA to lessen restrictions once a certain threshold is met. A similar rule has been implemented in Major League Baseball, where teams that hit 85 percent vaccinations will have restrictions eased.

You can check out the whole memo below:

While this is happening, the NFLPA has encouraged players to not participate in any voluntary face-to-face offseason workouts. Today, the Denver Broncos let it be known they will boycott any voluntary offseason programs.

We will likely see more teams do the same as the Broncos did here. At this point it appears there will be some contention between the union and the NFL as to how these workouts will progress while also considering the rate of player vaccinations.

In the end, these issues likely won’t impact any pre- or regular season games, but will guide the amount of on-field work that will be done this offseason.