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Billy Horschel hits it into the creek, goes barefoot, makes par with fully submerged ball

It’s not a sand save, it’s a drowning save on No. 13 at Augusta.

Billy Horschel walking to creek at Augusta

On the Par 5 13th hole, Billy Horschel found the water. But no problem, as he just got got barefoot, rolled up his pants, grabbed a wedge and bombed it out from underwater to put it on the green. And he saved par!

It didn’t start as the best move, as the famously slick greens of Augusta National also apply to the slope in the second cut as well.

But it was worth it, as he gets the par save! That ball is completely underwater when he hits it, and you can’t ground your club in a hazard so he can’t even take a full practice swing without incurring a penalty.

To stop a ball that, again, is UNDERWATER on a green is pretty amazing. Yes, the new golf technology and all, but that’s quite the achievement.

The former Florida Gator Horschel is +5 for the tournament as he finished Amen Corner.